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In the last part of the series (Part 4), this video covers the difference between transferring a domain to another party (which transfer ownership) vs. simply changing where the domain name is pointing to.

I created to be used in the course Web Terminology For New Webmasters but it certainly can stand on it's own but if you haven't see the previous three videos (links included below) it may not make as much sense as there is a story line of sorts.

Here are links to the previous vidoes:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Cyrilg Premium
I can not find the nameservers for W.A
techhound Premium
Hey Cyril,
I'll display them after I describe how to get them so you know for the future:

On the left hand side of your WA screen, you should see a light blue button labeled "Build My Website". Click on that. Then on the top part of the screen you should see a tab/link called "Domains" click on that. About halfway down, you'll see two entries, Primary and Secondary.

Here is what you'll see (and you can use this if you want):

Primary Nameserver:
Secondary Nameserver:

Best Regards,
GatorGal747 Premium
Cute....found this while surfing around WA....'cause I'm too tired to do anything else constructive today! Thanks, that was informative and clever.

pplunk53 Premium
Pretty awesome! Keep up the good work.
Poetman Premium
I agree-I liked the Jack and Jill helpers-even if they do have to stay still. I pretty much knew everything already, but wanted a refresher so many thanks and well done :)
jerrymc Premium
Very cute! Gets the message across. :-) Jerry Mc