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This video is part 3 in the series and describes the process of changing the domain name server (DNS) address that by default, points to the Registrar's server and how you need to change it to your web hosting DNS.

This was created as part of the course, Web Terminology For New Webmasters but can stand on it's own. However, if you did not view parts 1 & 2, it may not make as much sense as there is an underlying story line. I've included links to parts 1 & 2 to view those videos below.

Part 1
Part 2

To move on to the last part of the series, click here.

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Jayke Premium
I purchased a domain at many months ago and I want to use this domain with WA/ So am I just to log onto my bluehost account and change the DNS settings there and just wait 24 hours? Or am I missing something?
techhound Premium
If Bluehost allows you to change the DNS to something else, then yes, that is what you do. However, it has been my understanding that Bluehost registers the domain name for convenience and is not a domain registrar like and In other words, Bluehost will use another service such as or to register on your behalf and receive an affiliate commission for the service.

If what I said is correct, then you may need to contact Bluehost support and see how you would transfer the domain to WA. It may require you to transfer to a registrar like GoDaddy in order to make that happen, but they can give you the appropriate insight regarding how to do it.

Hope this helps,
tigertrap Premium
The only problem I have with redirecting my domains to WA's DNS address is finding it within the WA site. Since I just found an awesome site [] where you can buy domains for as little as $.50 each! Just watch your total at checkout. They try to sneak in a couple other options that could cost as much as $59 but I did get, a long-tailed, so-called "low-hanging-fruit" keyword phrase for exactly fifty cents.
techhound Premium
Hey Dan,
You can find everything you need here:
Best Regards,
reesejacobs Premium
thanks for that info...great price and your site is clean and crisp! love it...#nofrills
sasukhram Premium
Great analogy!