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I want to start out by saying that these things that I want to share with you are because I want to help you make it in Writing, make it in business, make it in life. Now, let me rush to say that I am no am Definitely Not by any stretch…the Paragon of excellent. I’m just a widdle beah from Bama and there are lots of things that this average park bear needs to learn.

However, I do know this….the sooner we become less impressed with our own lives, with our accomplishments, with those who call themselves our friends but add no true value to our lives, the sooner we will define and realize success in those things which make for peace. The sooner we will find tranquility and a higher quality of life.

So….I want to talk to you about some things that I have learned in my experience at WA and in my Adventures Online and in Life in General. Some have I read the blogs of Ambassadors, many from blogs of Newbies, some from questions others Answers, most from my own experiences others in passing, but all…. I do believe…. and hold to be true.

Not Mine to Monopolize!!

Now they may be truths and rails that I run on…. but please do not think of them as being The Teddy Bear’s. You cannot own a truth so please think of them more along the lines of sign posts, bookmarks, earmarks, and Paradigm Shifts that are meant to shed some light on your entrepreneurship experience both here at the Mighty, the Mighty, the Mighty Mighty WA and the four corners of the globe that will lend some science to your future satisfactions.

They are yours to steal, they are yours to share, to liken into your own lives, to personally apply into your own Ways of Thinking, to Shape, to Style, to Form, and to Cause to Function in your own Lives…..should you choose to.

My goal

My goal is to help you make your writing Spectacular, Most Excellent, Outstanding, and Phenomenal. However, to truly Write Great Articles and to Write with Passion you must understand that life isn’t fair. Let’s get that out there. Your Great Grand Pappy should have told you that. It was not then, it is not now, never being and never will be…get over it.

I want you to know life is unfair our mentors are human and sometimes wrong, our best friends lie to us, we lie to ourselves all the time. Unbelievable? I don’t think so, it happens every day.

Nothing that us humans do surprise me anymore. So, acknowledge that human greatness is real and so is human frailties and do not be knocked off your chair when you find out that the ole Teddy Bear isn’t really always a sweet widdle stuffed beah, nor be in denial of your own shortcomings.

Today I want to talk to you about time management. I want to help show you how to keep people from robbing you of your time and how to keep from robbing yourself.

To do this you have to define to yourself what success is to you….then peruse it. Whatever are you talking about Bear? Well, I’m glad you asked. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid man, It tastes sweet but you will get cavities by swallowing too much BS.

By all means, Set your next goal in Writing, but first, ask yourself what your goal is…or…at least what it is right now. So here’s my list.

  • Define success for yourself then put in the daily work to maintain it.
  • Own Your Failures
  • Restore Your Soul.
  • Own Your Blessings
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Make Voluntary Obligations
  • Testify of Your Success

Be a little more careful who you follow and watch where you are going when you know others are following you. I mean, come on!!! We all have two wolves with us and they both want to eat. We have a good one and a bad one but it is the one that we feed that will dominate the stories of our successes.

Now, most people have no problems recognizing failure. The problem they seem to have is owning it. I do not know why it is that people want to blame everyone and everything for their shortcomings but themselves.

The simple truth is that no one ever plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. You must plan your work and work your plan. If you do not make it then it is your fault. Own it.

The Devil Made You Do It

If that is how you want to look at it because......You Did it to Yourself. Nobody made you lay in that bed two hours after the alarm went off and not get up and start your day. But you say, “Why should I get up? There is nothing to get up for!” The reason you have nothing to get up for is that you did not plan for this morning the night before.

I’ve been told that the soul is your mind, your will, and your emotions. When you have stinking thinking your very soul is in bondage. You can’t think…You can’t do what you want…..there goes your mind.

You cannot do what it is that you are wanting to do…so there goes your mind and You are all torn up inside and you cry all day when you should be writing…..there go your emotions.

You become overwhelmed and cry and can’t think clearly to learn and so you cannot Systematically make the Acquisitions of Knowledge and Skills which are paramount to Moving Beyond Yourselves and on to Greatness in the soon to be Recorded Annals of Internet History.

It has been well said that Literally Everybody brings Joy into your life. Some when they enter your lives…..and though I am hesitant to say this….some when they get the HELL OUT!!

May I ask you a question? Do you walk in an Attitude of gratitude? That’s right…. An Attitude of Gratitude. This makes for you to be Good Company. I want to hear you one day say, “You know, Bear…You Are Good People.” I Love Good People & Mean People Suck!! Don’t they?

There was an ancient King of Israel by the name of David, Secular Historians tell us that when this Ancient King of Israel would go to war with his enemy that he would march the Choir in First. Now, I’m NOT going to speculate…HERE…why he would do this but I can tell you that they never lost.

There is just something powerful about an Attitude of Gratitude that Pierces the Darkness of This Present Evil Age. The Darkness of the Power of the Air and lets you Commune with your Greater Power.

Let me ask you another question? Why is it that we have an obsession with what is bad? People can receive praise all day long but let one little negative comment come their way and they go down for the count.

I’m not saying to be in Denial of your failure. I’ve had some bad reviews. I learn from them and count them all joy. Joy..Bear? Yes…that’s right…joy.

You should set a;

If my goal was to be a singer, I'd have to set up goals to accomplish that Dream. What Is Your Dream? Well, Get Busy Realizing It.

  • 5 Year Goal
  • 3 Year Goal
  • 1 Year Goal
  • 6 Month Goal
  • Monthly Goal
  • Daily Goals

Now, no one should need to throw you a party when you keep them and no one is going to arrest you when you do not. These are for you. Cut Covenant with yourself.

  • Process of Elimination
  • Don’t Leave a Crumbs. The Gift of a Shut Mouth.
  • Stop watching the clock. If you have to be somewhere set an alarm, there is no need to watch a clock.
  • Cut out Distractions. These distractions can be many things…You list your own here…

In order to establish who you are you are going to have to establish FIRST(!!!)….who you are not.

I mean..Knowing who you are is hard!! If I ask you who are you, what would you say?

The two most important questions I feel that everyone should ask themselves are;

  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I to do? questions

What are crumbs? The messes you make in your lives by the 4 “Ps” Piss Poor Prior Planning.

If you work for someone else then let Them Tell You…. When it’s time to go home when it’s time to take a break when it’s time to do….whatever.

Let them tell you ….. “Dude!!!! You’re on the First Page of Google.

Go in the closet of your mind and close the door and get busy.

One of the things that have become VERY VERY VERY important to me for various reasons that I will not discuss here is I’ve decided to make sure that it is my wife and children do NOT EVER have the Opportunity to tell me…”I Love you.” They will be the ones saying, "I Love You Too!!"

Why? Because I have decided that I will never again give them the chance to initiate that particular interchange with me. They will know forever and Ever Amen…that I will Leave this World Loving Them.

Well, What Did You Think?

Please Like, Share and Comment Below.

Thank You. Thank You Very Much!!

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LesaJ Premium
Awesome, Be Positive is my motto. Thanks for sharing.
ChrisScott Premium
Lesa, you are going to be so great and the events of our lives have cohesion with that winning thinking and positive mental attitude is unlimited. I believe this to be the God given gift of drive that unfortunately few will ever open.

Thank you for your time and kindness to uplift me.
Tirolith Premium
Thanks Chris for the 2nd part of my Bible.

QUOTE, Mankind.
“Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”
– The 14th Dalai Lama.

Thanks again for honesty and time,Tom.
ChrisScott Premium
WOW!! That seals up the sum of the whole matter, Tom. I have heard it said that man is the only creature that gets up when he is tired and goes to bed when he is not tired. A man is the only creature that can blush and the only one that SHOULD.

Thanks for the quote. I have recorded the saying to weave into my life.

Thanks, ole, boy!! You mean the world to know.
PMindra Premium
Hii, Chris.
The video and the script.....
Too much for me man.
Zero disrispect intended.
I'll bookmark for later..

ChrisScott Premium
I understand, Paul. Our time must be guarded and I know that you are a good person with a mighty heart and will return when/if you have the opportunity. the crux of the whole matter.
Carol46 Premium
Amen! Teddy Bear that was a great sermon thank you so much! We should all walk in an attitude of gratitude.
Take care, Chris :)
Aussie Carol
ChrisScott Premium
Thank you so much, Carol. You are very rapidly becoming an Ambassador of my heart. ❤️
Triblu Premium
Y'er such a sweet heart Chris.
We all make mistakes.
Real friends forgive friends for our shortcomings.
Thank YOU for your words of wisdom.

ChrisScott Premium
Awe... you gonna make a widdle beah cri.