One of the main purposes of your Blog is to connect with others. Networking can be very powerful in building your business. We aim to connect with potential customers who will get to know us, to like us and to trust us.

Consider the Blogs in WA as a learning experience to help create more effective Blogs on your affiliate websites. The hardest Blog to make is your first. Once you overcome this hurdle it will get easier. We are encouraged to write often and create valuable content. This is one of the most important actions that help in achieving high ranks in the search engines, especially Google.

Encourage comments on your Blogs. You will receive comments. The more comments, the better. It will show that you have been successful in engaging your readers. Consider WA your labroratory where you can experiment in the creation of Blogs and forging connections.

Do this and your future will be bright!

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pramodthalla Premium
Useful post for beginners
David960 Premium
Great information, thanks for the training.

When writing a blog, do we look for and use keywords?
EdwinBernard Premium
Yes, for the blog title.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Enjoyed your post. For newbies, this \seems to be difficult to learn these things to get going.
This is a simplified guide, and yes, do not overstate. It is fairly, simple but some people may be overwhelmed, and insecure on how to process the steps.

Enjoyed your training tool.
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you Carla! Cheers. Edwin
JMatonge1 Premium
Wow! Interesting and well simplified. Keep it up.