Make sure your article has a logical structure. This consists of a beginning, a middle and an end. Sounds elementary right? There is more than meets the eye. The first paragraph tells the reader what you are going to write about. Then you tell them in more detail what you said you were going to write about. In the conclusion, you summarize what you told them. End with a call to action. Like ask your readers to post questions or provide you with comments and suggestions.

The Intro can be one to two small paragraphs. The middle can consist of several paragraphs. And the conclusion, just one small parqagraph or a summary using bullets.

If you are an avid reader, you will have come across a structure like this in books and articles. The goal is to stay organized and focused. Write with your reader in mind. Ask yourself if you came across your own article would the title get you hooked? Was it engaging enough for you to read the complete article? And if not, why not?

Always strive to improve.

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pramodthalla Premium
Useful post for beginners
David960 Premium
Great information, thanks for the training.

When writing a blog, do we look for and use keywords?
EdwinBernard Premium
Yes, for the blog title.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Enjoyed your post. For newbies, this \seems to be difficult to learn these things to get going.
This is a simplified guide, and yes, do not overstate. It is fairly, simple but some people may be overwhelmed, and insecure on how to process the steps.

Enjoyed your training tool.
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you Carla! Cheers. Edwin
JMatonge1 Premium
Wow! Interesting and well simplified. Keep it up.