You can access the Blog Creation Tool by clicking the number under the Posts column in your profile page. See a screenshot of this tool below. This will open up a page with your picture on the right. Under that picture you will see a blue button with Create A New Blog written inside. Click that button. Then click the blue link at the bottom that says: About blogging at WA. This will give you the rules about the do's and don'ts at WA. Your Blog will have to conform to these rules.

Enter your TITLE in the "Enter a title" box. You can add a cover image if you wish. That can either be uploaded or dragged and dropped into the window that opens when you click the Add Cover Image. You do not have to add one. But it will get more attention if you do.

The next step is to write your content in the section that has this written, "So what is on your mind? Go ahead and write it here."

I'd like to use writing about you as an example to provide some tips. For your title you could write Secrets About Me - I'm going to reveal something new

This is just a suggestion I'm using as an example. Creating mystery and interest in a headline helps to hook someone to read further. In the body of the Blog write a summary that tells the reader what you are going to talk about. Then create sub headings using the H3 Bold sub titles.

Each section could reveal something new about you. Like what special skills you have. What is your profession. Brief family information. Don't give away too much information. Keep all this brief. Write short paragraphs and use spacing between them.

Conclude with a summary of what you want to achieve at WA.

You can add relevent pictures spread between the sections if you wish.

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pramodthalla Premium
Useful post for beginners
David960 Premium
Great information, thanks for the training.

When writing a blog, do we look for and use keywords?
EdwinBernard Premium
Yes, for the blog title.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Enjoyed your post. For newbies, this \seems to be difficult to learn these things to get going.
This is a simplified guide, and yes, do not overstate. It is fairly, simple but some people may be overwhelmed, and insecure on how to process the steps.

Enjoyed your training tool.
EdwinBernard Premium
Thank you Carla! Cheers. Edwin
JMatonge1 Premium
Wow! Interesting and well simplified. Keep it up.