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Jaaxy has a very lucrative affiliate program and if you are taking part in bootcamp or you are a user of Jaaxy, you should definitely leverage your product knowledge and create a review. In this video I walk you through the different price points of Jaaxy and show you how to effectively create a Jaaxy Review for your website.

I cover the following topics:

  • Benefits of Jaaxy and why it is an excellent product to promote
  • The different price points of Jaaxy
  • How to create a Jaaxy account (and affiliate account)
  • How to put together an effective Jaaxy review
  • How to link to various pages within Jaaxy
  • How to utilize the Jaaxy Plugin
  • The affiliate commission breakdown for Jaaxy
To set-up your Jaaxy account (if you don't have one already), you can do so via the Jaaxy website:

I also showed you how to link directly to the order page with jaaxy. You can do this using the following link format:

Replace YOURID with your affiliate id and you can link directly the order grid page.

If you have any questions about any creating a Jaaxy review page, please leave them below. Also, if you want folks to look at your Jaaxy review and give their feedback, post a link to it below.
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Patricia R Premium
Aside from the review, I would like to put it on the sidebar of my site with a custom menu. I would like to have it quickly visible to any visitor. But it is too big to fit the custom menu. Could we have it as a widget?
Kyle Premium Plus
Yep, create a custom menu and then you can add this custom menu as a widget. I covered it within this tutorial:
Patricia R Premium
I apologize.
I guess I was not clear. I would like to have the image that you present in this lesson only a bit less wide so people could enter keywords from the sidebar of my site. It would be the same Jaaxy image you use in this lesson but not as wide so it would fit into the sidebar. I am requesting something a bit different from what is covered in the lesson.
Kyle Premium Plus
You can "right click" the image on my page if you want and save it to your computer and use it as you like. I have no problems with this.

You should also consider getting a screen capture tool like (completely free) that will allow you to take screenshots. This will prove to be very valuable to your business going forward.
Sachindra Premium
The video is not working
Labman Premium Plus
I'd like to capture the comparison chart that you use in this video. Where can I access this chart?

Nevermind, I found it here.
wendyk Premium
Video is still not working...
FreshAir Premium
I hit the play button and it doesn't do anything. Just a black screen Kyle.