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In this video, I am going to walk you through the process of building a website using the SiteRubix, SiteBuilder. It literally takes 30 seconds!

I am also going to be walking you through the various aspects of the SiteRubix Suite, which includes over 7 different website related platforms to offer you the most advanced, comprehensives and innovate website experience in the industry.

If you have any questions about the website build process, anything covered in this video, or any aspect of the SiteRubix Suite, please leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

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KMcK22 Premium
has anyone noticed, through their experiences, if having the [dot]siterubix[dot]com affects the look of their website from a customer point of view? does it appear spammy? other training i have taken has always said to get a [dot]com domain as it looks more professional. Im just wondering if it affects conversion rates? or if it has a negative impact on sales and conversions. I hope my questions are understandable lol.
Zappades Premium
As I hear here at WA there are a lot of successful site rubix dot com sites around.
I too have dot com sites due to having the SSL certificate and looking more authority :)
Monique022 Premium
Hi everyone!! My website will have surveys for visitors but I need to validate that they are who they say they are before allowing them to complete it (the survey results will be anonymous though). Does the wealthy affiliate platform allow this option? If not, what would be the best way to go about this credentialling process?
JamesBain1 Premium
Hi Monique, I believe I saw an option to include one of those "I'm not a robot" things on your survey or forms. Or I may have seen a word press plugin that would work.
nathaniell Premium
You can use a service like Survey Monkey to do this. You just embed the survey like you embed a YouTube video. In fact, they are free to use (although there are some premium features they'll advertise).
Santiago50 Premium
Hello everyone!
I just need to ask one question. If I start my free domain, when I buy a domain will I be able to change everything or is it only the extension .COM that I can change?
I misspelled the first one and I am concern about whether I will be able to correct it later on.
Or should I create a new one?
Thank you in advance.
Kricket75 Premium
Hi Santiago. Welcome to WA. Yes, you will be able to change it later. The siterubix actually is transferred over to your new domain so no worries. You can change it then. I hope this helps.
JamesBain1 Premium
Santiago, once you purchase/buy a new Domain Name your current free domain will change to that purchased one. So instead of example: is Hope this helps.
Santiago50 Premium
Thanks, but it looks like it is only the extension that change. It changed from SITERUBIX.COM to In my case I misspelled the name: "WomanHealth" it should be "womenHealth"
will I be able to correct that?
JamesBain1 Premium
Yes, I believe so. Contact Domain Support, they should be able to correct the spelling. They are very helpful and respond fast. I've contacted them a few times.
Kyle Premium
You cannot change a domain URL after the fact, but you can move websites from one domain to another very quickly here at WA using our MOVE platform.

We actually have a "Move" feature that you will see right within the SiteManager.

You can move any domain to any domain hosted here at WA. For example, if you wanted to move your Siterubix website to a domain that you have purchased, then it is a very simple process.

The "Move" feature also handles for all proper redirects and SEO, it will transfer your site in its entirety and it is as simple as a few clicks. See attached screenshot for what I am referring to here.
IHaveADream1 Premium
good video, thanks Kyle!

Let's see what I can come up with in order to build my website. Quick question though: at this stage of the training I am yet to decide the layout of my website but have already got my niche in mind...shall I just go ahead and create a preview of my webpage following the steps I have just watched in this video and then as I move along the training and become more familiarised with the plugins and add-ons I can come back and keep working on the design of my web or shall I carry on just with the training and leave the web creation for later?

vmolly6886 Premium
I have the same question? I would like to be able to change things as I go.