First off the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is a very robust and thorough training platform that will teach you everything you need to know about getting your own affiliate marketing website business up and running in your chosen niche. This niche can be anything you are passionate about.

For me my passions and interests are health and wellness through natural means, both baseball and NFL football, video games, helping people to find the natural cures for cancer that already exist, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, traveling on a budget, hiking, drop shipping on eBay, and of course MMO.

All of these niche ideas and many others, with the exception of MMO = Make Money Online, can be accomplished within the training of the Certification Course. If the MMO niche is what you want to choose then and only then would you choose to do the Affiliate Bootcamp.


But if you are thinking of any other kind of niche you need to take the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course because of what it teaches that the Affiliate Bootcamp does not teach you. For example, if you want to learn about the many different kinds of affiliate networks, you will only learn it in the Certification Course.

Knowing how to utilize the various types of affiliate marketing networks is vitally important to the success of your niche website. Learning about these networks and how to become an affiliate in the Amazon Associates Program, will only be taught in the Certification Course.

Basically this means that if you want to learn everything there is to know about how affiliate marketing works and how you can earn full time income in any niche of your choice, the Certification Course (not Bootcamp) is what you need to take.

Why is this important to learn and achieve for those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate in the Affiliate Bootcamp? The simple answer is, so you will have a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is, how it can earn you residual income, and how WA is the best place online to learn this.

When you have this knowledge and experience you will be in a better position to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It will be better for you to take the Certification Course first so that you can fully learn about affiliate marketing. Then if you wish to promote WA in Bootcamp, you will have a better idea how to proceed.

NEXT UP = What is Affiliate Bootcamp and why I recommend that you do not start here

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sbhowmik Premium
First mistake of newbies are to chose niche quickly and start building website without doing much research on the subject. But I don't blame them for doing that ( I am a victim ) because that is how the WA is designed. Newbies want to start website within the free membership time period and complete as much as training they can grasp without being matured on that subject. Sorry to tell but there are lots of superficial advice on WA which does not help newbies much. Thanks for your article!
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, I agree and that is why I always stress to newbies, as well as try to help them, to take time and find a niche. Every single one of us are involved in dozens of niches and most times on a daily basis.

I can find niches for people just by talking to them for a bit, finding out what they like and what they enjoy doing. It is not hard to find many niches. But newbies want to make money quickly and that is just not how it happens.

They then give up on the simple process of finding a niche and just accept Bootcamp. But if being in the MMO niche is not a good fit for them, they will most likely fail. This is why they need to take their time and find a niche they like. Everyone has something they like doing or using.
sbhowmik Premium
Thanks for your reply! "Slow and steady wins the race" is the right phrase to become successful atWA in my judgement. But it needs regular work ,research and most important all those certification courses/bootcamp. Yes, you are right, because of your maturity you can find niche by talking to the person. I think every newbie will be like that after couple of years.
boomergp08 Premium
Slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to anything one will build that will bring about success. But my point about not being able to complete the simple process of finding a niche one is into has nothing to do with my maturity.

When I joined WA I had no idea what a niche was really all about and then Kyle said that it is a group of people looking for a specific product or service. That is a very simple and easy to understand explanation.

Millions of people wear waterproof leather boots
Millions of people drive pickup trucks
Millions of people like traveling to Disney World
Millions of people buy baby clothing
Millions of people enjoy the movie Star Wars
Millions of people play video games
Millions of people use an iPhone
Millions of people want to live healthier lives
Millions of people love watching sports
Millions of people buy t-shirts
Millions of people wear athletic shoes
Millions of people enjoy flat screen TVs

The above twelve are all niche markets. Go to a newsstand and look at the magazine rack. Each of those magazines represent a niche market. So understanding what is a niche is simple. To find in oneself what a person enjoys should be a simple process too.

But many newbies, not all, wrongfully search out a niche that they feel will be the most profitable for them. Again like Kyle says in the training, every niche can be profitable and when it is a niche your have an interest in, you can create content that will convert.
TracyIrv Premium
Thanks and I agree. I felt as a new person to building a website I wanted to concentrate on that first, and social networks.
As a traveller ( I constantly travel) I actually found signing up to Affiliate companies a nightmare, as they all want an address, a phone number, a bank account....etc.
This is all very well if you are living in one home, but I don't. I have been on the road over 2 years.
Also, importing and exporting goods is a nightmare if in the cosmetics industry, which I am.
I am still struggling with that.
Amazon....only pay into a bank account if you have an address in the USA, otherwise it's a cheque! a home address.
All these things have pushed me to leave the affiliate Bootcamp to the end, Lol.
I am glad I have been concentrating on the lessons first.
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, I can see how doing almost anything that requires an actual street address must be troubling, to say the least.
TracyIrv Premium
Nice image of lady on her laptop. Pixabay?
boomergp08 Premium
Yes. Pixabay is one of my two most favorite free image resource websites.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you for this. I started the certification course and rushed it which lead to me getting overwhelmed and still making mistakes. The best advice I got was to do the course step by step, slow down. Only this week I discovered what Boot camp was about. Once certification course is done, will then move onto Boot camp.
Thank you for this training it will help new members get on track.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. Yes, always do the training in a slow step by step process. You can never rush success. Finish the Certification Course first and then going on to Bootcamp, if desired, is the correct way to go about having successful affiliate marketing websites in my opinion.
ladyluck2013 Premium Plus
Hi Robert,
I have been with WA since 2013 and I've never really understood the difference between the Affiliate Bootcamp and the Certification Courses--until now. I started with the Affiliate Bootcamp first because I did not have a niche. What you have said in this post makes a lot of sense, so I will start the Certification Course and see what happens. Thanks for explaining the difference between the two courses.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Deidre. I did this training because I see a lot of newbies starting with Bootcamp and then later on not seeing any results, with some of them quitting WA.

There is a reason Kyle, Carson and everyone eho promotes WA, will recommend a newbie start with the Certification Course first. Because it will teach you EVERYTHING.
MrKent Premium
Nice article Boomer. I started with the certification course about 9 months ago and build my first niche blog. Right now I just started my 2nd blog which is a WA affiliate site.

I probably shouldn't do this but I find that I'm flying through the bootcamp with no problems, even skipping some parts cause I already know how to do a lot of things. This could be a mistake though because my 2nd site has not been indexed by google yet and its been 10 days, had I missed something? If it doesn't get indexed in another week I'll have to go over everything again slowly... ah, should have just done that the first time.

I plan on having 4-5 blogs in the next year or two. diversification is the key to a reliable passive income, you never wanna put all your eggs on one site.
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Kent. And yes, even though you know a lot of the things being taught in Bootcamp because you learned them in the Certification Course, you should NOT skip over them.

At the very least skim through them because there will always be some little thing you may have forgotten or that me be explained in a slightly more understandable way.

If you want to see right away what if any of your website has been indexed, just go to Google and do a site search by typing


Make sure your domain name does not have the www or the https in front of it.