Every single one of your potential target audience will have a different “awareness level” towards you, the problem they face, about your niche as a whole, your competitors, the products on offer and the solutions available.

This is simply due to how long they've been aware of their problem and / or how long they've been interested in your niche.

Think about it, some may have recently developed their problem or just begun to become interested in the niche for the first time.

These “niche newcomers” don't know what potential solutions / products are out there, they don't know you, they have no idea who the big players in your market are, or what promises are out there.

Others have been “around the block” a few times as they've experienced their problem for a long time and / or been involved in your niche for an extended period so they know you, your competitors, heard all the promises made, know the solutions and products on offer and have “heard it all before”.

Most of your target audience are probably somewhere in between. They aren't virgins but they're not quite hardcore porn stars either.

Here's why this is important...

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Great training. I love it.
EOPolini Premium
Very nice, thanks!
Hudson Premium
Like it, very well presented, thank you
LawalAremu Premium
You're welcome Hudson.
BobMargroff Premium
This is great information for us. I am still fairly new in the MMO niche. I understand totally what you are saying here.

I see where being new my target audience would be in the similar shape I’m in. The funny thing is that even as my experience with the topic grows, my awareness level will change and I will be able write a little bit in the upper awareness areas as well.

That leads me to wonder...if we can target all the awareness levels with our websites...sort of break it down by categories...just a thought.

Great training.

Babou3 Premium
Thanks for this great lesson!!