You have just finished your latest Product Review

You have just finished your latest Product Review and linked to your product on Amazon. Now you sit back and wait for sales. Right? No, there is another step that I am about to show you that can increase your sales that Amazon has in their tool box.

It is called Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Native Shopping Ads are ads that are placed on your review page to give your customers more choices. You might have seen some on other posts that you have left comments on. The following example is a "Search Ad"

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Peteguags Premium
I have added more than 4 products but only the first 4 are showing up in the ad. Any idea why?
ownonlboss Premium
To enable more than 4 products (scrolling or randomized display) you need to add some code.

In this tutorial it is being referred to as 4 ads at a time. When you add multiple it is about randomizing between those 4+ ASIN's you add, but only 4 at a time will be displayed on your site.
Peteguags Premium
Thank you! I found the code to randomize.

Here it is in case anyone else needs it:

amzn_assoc_random_permute = "true";
MelanieH2 Premium
Thank you for the help! I got it to work. :)
EricCantu Premium Plus
Way to go Clyde! Great training! Awesome job!
lynnsam61 Premium
Thanks for the helpful tutorial Clyde.
GautamWorld Premium
Thanks for sharing. :)