Okay, now that you have your new shiny shortcode that looks similar to this.....

[youtube_view_count id="ebKLsgSGJYk"]

You'll need to replace the video ID with your own video. The one above (withinquotes is mine.)

Step 4: Locate Your Video ID

Go to YouTube and click on your video. Within the address bar of your Internet browser you'll see something like this:

Copy the highlighted area to obtain the video ID for your preferred video.

So, combining this with the short code above and pasting that into WordPress will result in that video's view counts being displayed wherever you wish - typically above or below the embedded video.


Here is my page within the Visual Editor:


Here again is the resulting page with the View Counts Shortcode for the YouTube Data API....

Seeing that view count, I'm thinking page viewers will say "Hey, a lot a folks have seen this video, perhaps I should too! I don't wanna be left out! I MAY be missing something!"

Cool, huh?

Okay, if you've made it this far. Pat yourself on the back! You SOOOOO deserve it!

Thanks very much and I hope you learned something today!

Wealthy Affiliate ROCKS!

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I'll be using this training! Thank you Pj :-)
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Hi Pj, I will be a superstar soon! Thanks for the tutorial, keep up the easy to understand instructions. To be honest, I am not a native English speaker, but I pretty follow your tutorials without any problems.
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Wow, Stephen! I never would have guessed that English isn't your first language! You're doing GREAT!
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Solid gold PJ, your experience shinning through again. Thank you for creating this tutorial.
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Thanks so much (again) Alexander!
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Thanks PJ, one for the future, bookmarked.
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