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In this video, I reveal you 3 reasons why email markeitng gave me and can also give you big breakthroughs as an affiliate marketer.

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You'll find Jay's series of email marketing there.

Feel free to also send me a PM if you have any further questions regarding email marketing.

All the best!

-Roope "3 Powerful reasons why affiliates should do email marketing" Kiuttu

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PA59 Premium
Thanks Roope...affiliate + e-mail marketing...2 of 7 video seen in this series...en suite...
TDomena Premium
I thought about a question Roope and I wanted to ask you. Right now, I force myself to email my list. When I email them, I get minimal responses and people who have those auto-bounce things on, so it's a discipline at this point rather than an exciting thing to do.

I think the problem is that my list isn't that big. I have somewhere between 250-300 people on the list because I didn't make it an emphasis until April 2019 when I started focusing more on brand building. My question is...when does email marketing get more exciting? Do you remember a list size threshold or something you did that made it where emailing your list wasn't like speaking to a silent room?

My email open rates aren't bad and my CTR's aren't bad, but people don't respond with messages. I'll do more conversion optimization at some point to measure my sales conversions via email, but my biggest thing is that I'd like more responses to "feel" like I'm spending my time wisely. Hahaha.

When was the shift for you? Has there been a shift or is this something I should just get used to?
TDomena Premium
Thanks Petra.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
It's hard to give any specific number because it always depends on the list. For example, a list of 50 wealthy people from the US is probably much more valuable than a list of 5,000 broke people from Nigeria. Just an example that numbers itself don't matter so much but more what's behind the numbers.

I think the first times when I got excited of email marketing was when I noticed that it gives me some results and make some income. It will happen when you send valuable content to your list.

If you want that people respond to your emails, you can ask them if they have any questions that they need help at.

Getting responses from the email subscribers isn't often a goal but getting them to take action. But getting feedback and responses is also valuable every now and then.
TDomena Premium
I agree Roope! I’ve been experimenting a lot since I asked this question and I my results are much better. I’m still working on them though. It’s a skill that develops for sure.
TDomena Premium
I forgot to comment on this training when I first watched it. I'm so happy you've decided to create video training here Roope! You have so many great nuggets, I'm sure. I think insistence is important and email marketing gives you the power to insist, continue showing up in their minds, and to build longer-term relationships. SEO, Youtube views or even social media subs are better for initial contact, but initial contact doesn't sell in most instances. Email marketing fills the gap. Great video! Keep them coming.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Tiffany! I'm glad you liked it :)