5: Believe in yourself like your life depends on it

This one tip deals with your mind but it goes even deeper into your subconscious a whole new level then your day to day thinking.It is the BELIEFS that you have that determines your destiny. It is the power of your beliefs that will determine wether you are successful or wether you will be defined by repeated failures.Most people don't realize just how powerful outr belief system is.Part of being wealthy is having the habit of SELF AWARENESS especially when it comes to the quality of your thoughts.
Ask yourself, “What negative beliefs about myself are holding back? You might be surprised at your own answers. How many times have you tried something and ended up with these thoughts? “I’ve made so many mistakes before and messed up so many
times. What would make this time any different? You just need to consciously CHOOSE to put your foot down and say, ENOUGH!! Turn it around start talking to yourself and about yourself in a positive light. YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Do a search up top here for having a successful mindset - again you will find so many answers to that right here in Wealthy Affiliate. Why? Because you need to change your mind in order to be successfuk. Change your thinking you will change your beliefs from negative to positive.

6: Do not look out for number one and your ego

Kyle talks about this many many times in the course of the training videos and his own blogs. The way to be successful is by helping others become successful. When you do that you will in turn see successful and you will see it much faster and for a much longer period of time.This is one of the things that Wealthy Affiliate was founded on. The ability not for the monetery gain but for the ability to help other affiliates and members. This is what makes the Wealth yAffiliate trining and community second to none. Success comes from helping others not your pocket book. You will see a lot of success stories because of mentors because of other people helping them succeed.

When you take the time to mentor someone or educate your audience about something in your blog or website you will enjoy even more wealth and abundance by giving back

Sir Richard Branson, one of the most influential entrepreneurs onthe planet, shared this insight: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of
your employees, they will take care of the clients.” This is what Wealthy Affiliate does,this is what Wealthy Affiliate provides us.

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Babou3 Premium
Really great!!
These are excellent points to follow. This makes me think of the fairy tale: "Hansel and Grettel" who put stones on their way to not get lost. That's what makes me think of the 10 important points you're talking about, it can help a person find the right way to start in the vast world of affiliation.

Talk2Ray Premium
Awesome training session Cathy. Thank you so much for helping me see the bigger picture. I need to read this over again.
ShaunnaLynne Premium
I've saved this in my favorites!!
Thank You for this!!
Cav1966 Premium
Aww thanks I learned some of them from the squirrel squad
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Cathy. I believe this training segment is a must read for all Affiliate marketers. You have discussed 10 very relevant points that if we don't follow, could lead to disaster. Thank you for enlightening us all. Jim
Cav1966 Premium
Not sure if it will lead to disaster per say but it will definitely keep you stuck and not succeeding, Thanks for taking your time it is appreciated.
jetrbby80316 Premium
This is a great mindset post Cathy!
So right, it's either a "Fixed" r a "Growth" mindset.

I prefer to go with Growth..., and so do YOU!

Much continued Success!

Cav1966 Premium
Hi Kaju nice seeing ya around. Yep mine is a growth mindset from the get go that keeps on growing :)
You most assuredly are a growth mindset,