When it comes to leveraging a communication and sales channel, emailing is more efficient than socializing. No matter how committed or active you are in running social media accounts, you’re still going to get lower results than building an opt-in mailing list.

Social networking sites are beneficial as far as reaching out to people is concerned but for a greatly working channel that will promote your blog outreach campaigns and help you convert the people reached so far into real-time customers, you need an email list. No doubt about that!

For your online business to go viral in earnest, you need a blogger-subscriber relationship database which is achievable by building a mailing list. An email list helps you maintain the leads, get more conversions so fast and make sales.

Getting More Leads & Conversions through a Mailing List

Email is just like a contact list of the people you know, whereas, social media is more like a freelance connection. With an email list, you have complete control over your correspondence.

In the light of these, it doesn’t denote that you should stop using social networks. If you remain active on social media, you will continue getting more awesome subscribers to your opt-in email list.

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What an awesome list, Israel! Personally, I don't spend any much time on social media anymore since traffic has been monetized there too. I am going to follow up with this training by considering list building an important blogging strategy. Bookmarked this training!

Israel17 Premium
You're most welcome, Victor. Thanks for stopping by and kudos for reading this training resource! Have you heard about veterans who gave up and quit even after 2-3 years of publishing articles? Yes, many veteran bloggers have actually been frustrated and have called it a quit. The reason for such actions is due to the fact that people don't try building their blogs on blogging fundamentals. There's no way you can maintain the traffic and keep it coming without working on lists. Thanks for your positive contribution!

Israel Olatunji
Paul2012 Premium
Prior to this time I would have picked the later to be much more important. Thanks for sharing this.
Israel17 Premium
Yes, it's worth studying why a mailing list is far better than Social Channels. Thanks for reading this and Kudos!

Thanks for your dropping by!
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Which email service are you using now Israel? Your training is great as usual. From memory you were doing blog broadcast blasts.
- Are you still doing those?
- and what other email marketing do you do yourself i.e.
--- how to capture their email and
--- what sort of email sequence are you sending and
---- how are you using segmentation?
Israel17 Premium
I'm currently using Aweber. Thanks for stopping by, John! You are much welcome. Yes, I still do blog broadcasts but through Aweber now. I was using another service previously, but not anymore. I found Aweber to be a better email service.

I simply use tripwire offers and tripwire landing pages to capture emails and get one-time visitors into customers. I also use social media to get more subscribers through quality content at all times. I try sending a couple of times per week and I segment subscribers to boost conversions. Thanks for asking! You are highly cherished, friend.

Israel Olatunji