My First Month So Far!

Last Update: May 16, 2018

Hi all!

It's been just over a month since joining WA and I can safely say I have already learnt so much. The training delivered is easy to understand and as long as you follow the tasks given you can't go wrong. I've just come to the end of the level 2 training and there's still loads more training to look forward to!

So what can you expect and achieve in your first month? I want to share with you my progress so far, dedicating at least 8 hours a week.

My passion and hobby is health and fitness, so I decided to use this as my niche. It's a huge area to dive into and create content around, as well as also having previous experience in this industry being a qualified personal trainer.

Level 1 & level 2 training have enabled me to create a fully functioning website, create multiple pieces of content, get my website ranked in google, get multiple pages indexed in google, learn how to create effective content and most importantly build the foundations of a successful website.

My plans going froward are to continue with the training available, help other members of WA as much as I can and start working towards my financial goals. By the 3-month mark, I would be happy if I saw my first bit of income no matter the figure just prove time, patience and dedication produces results! By the 6-month mark, I would be happy to be earning £100-200 a month.

Let's make it happen!

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shazzaWA Premium
Hi Tom,

Wow you have achieved alot in the first month or so and I love how you are being realistic with your goals. All the very best with your website, and the cool thing is you have picked a niche you know but enjoy. Perfect start and I cannot wait to see your achievements!

Cheers, Sharon