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Last Update: Jan 24, 2019

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Well, here I am back on WA again after almost 2 months of slacking. I've found it very difficult to find the time to work on writing posts having a 9-5 job and going home with all these other tasks that needs to be done.

I am one who has a hard time focusing and I'm easily distracted. Of course, it doesn't help with social media dinging me literally every 5 minutes. I know I know, I should put it on silent and put my phone to the side as I work on my posts. I could be working on a post and then I'm asked to step away from the computer to help my parents; the moment I step away from the computer I will not want to get back to work after.

Does anyone go through this? I mean, on the top of my head I really want to make this work and obviously I can't make it work unless I put time and work into my website. I also feel that the homepage is dragging my website down and hence, I stopped brushing up my website or have the motivation to even write posts.

I originally started with 1 post per month and yes, that is SLOW because I've only published 3 or 4 posts excluding the 'About Me' page. I need to step up on my game to be honest but I struggle to even have one post up each month!

There's so much reliance on me at home that it sucks out the time and energy out of me. How can I workaround this? If anyone has any good suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

So, that is pretty much an update since the end of November. Now, I am returning for the better. Of course, I will still be going through the same things that I have written above but I've also posted a question about the static homepage. From the responses, many people seem to like having a static homepage.

With everyone's input, I've decided to keep my static homepage and brush things up including changing themes. I want to make my homepage look better so that I can just post a .com website instead of posting a link directly over to my blog to skip the homepage; otherwise, what's the point right?

So these few days I have started working on a new logo and have created quite a few. Although there isn't much in the logo, I feel like the motivation is slowly kicking in. I've also started getting back to my social media and posting daily for the past 2 days. Although I don't have much traffic at the moment, I know that in time I will be able to grow my audience there and slowly divert them to my website.

All that aside, I started playing around with different themes and have found TWO themes that I may want to work with. I've installed them and tested it out, very pleased I must say. The next step is to just brush up the static homepage itself and I'm ready to go! After that, I NEED to start writing posts and publish more content onto my website before I get into the whole affiliate marketing thing!


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It's good to take a break, Teresa. Welcome back! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

Thank you!😊😊


Thank you for sharing your journey with the WA community! I have been struggling with the same problem of procrastinating. Cept I have been procrastinating for 5-6 months now.

I would SLOWLY add stuff here and there to my website. Then maybe do HALF the lesson. ugh. It got tiring because I felt like I was going nowhere.

I DEFINITELY understand where you are coming from and it is good to know that I am not alone in this journey.

I was LITERALLY on WA staring at the screen debating if I should do a lesson or Eff around on it instead.

Really needed this motivation and story. So, thank you again for sharing your experience with WA. It is definitely appreciated. ;D

Oh my gosh, I've been doing the same thing! Adding one or two things, doing HALF the lesson and then leave it hanging for however long. I mean, I still do! It's the writing posts part that's my barrier from continuing with the lessons.

I think many people just keep writing as they go and I'm more like... ok, going through the lessons... task: write a post. That's like the only time I even write! =(

I, like you also stare at the screen debating if I should do a lesson or just look around haha! Oh boy...

But hey, it's 2019! Let's motivate each other and get things rolling! You've got this!

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