Online Business Does Not Work - Thousands Of Dollars Lost.

Last Update: Nov 14, 2018

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Online business does not work, wasting thousands of dollars!

Have you met people who have tried starting an online business just like you and they tell you how online business doesn't work and that they couldn't get much traffic? How long did they try for? A few months? A year? Over a year?

Have you been questioned at one time about what your niche is and how they tell you they would approach your niche in a different way - their way?

Have they told you that it's hard to attract the right people and that it's even harder for them to trust you?

So, what do you think after all that they have told you?

For me, I understand where they're coming from especially if it didn't work for them. However, is there really such thing as "impossible"?

True, it may be hard to attract the right people and it's also true that it's hard for others to trust us when they don't know us on a personal level. However, that should not stop us from doing what we're doing and it should not discourage us from continuing with our niche websites.

Everything takes time and every niche is different. Some niche could take longer than others and depending on how much time and effort we put into our work as well as the service that we are providing.

One of my friends today told me his experience with online business. Unfortunately, it didn't work for him but he was providing a service to people. He shared with me that he had been doing it for a year and spent over $10,000 on his business and it didn't work for him. Just 2 days ago, he decided to give it up and pursue something offline.

After sharing his experience with me, he tried to convince me that I should take another approach aka his way. I then reflected on his business. He wasn't doing affiliate marketing but he did come out in person to do public speaking. It's unfortunate that he had to use that much money to try getting his business up and running.

However, if this is something that we want to do, the least we could do is continue working on it. Yes, we spend money advertising but we need to make just as much effort into posting content to gain more traffic.

It's just like working out, we can't target a specific area and lose fat in say, our belly. In order to lose that belly, we need a full body workout. Same goes with our online businesses; everything works together.

I do acknowledge that maybe not every niche is that successful; some more than others. In the end, it's about how much we want this.

I'm so glad I found my way to WA because I have learned so much and the training is just absolutely amazing.

If we want our online business(es) to work, we must not give up and have faith that it will work out in the end. It may not happen in a month, it may not happen in half a year, it may not happen in a year, and sometimes it might even take longer than that. Does it mean it doesn't work? Absolutely not!

If we aren't getting the results we want with one niche, that's fine! Try another niche but don't give up your current niche either. Who knows, maybe something will come out of it unless we're getting ZERO traffic.

The time spent on making our online business work is a learning process. We came in with little to no experience, and now we're out there with a beautiful website with more knowledge than many people who try to do it on their own without any help or training; the more we should promote WA!

Don't give up! You got this!!!

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Thank you for the awesome post. I got a little carried away and tried something else myself, not for me. WA is truly offering a way to make online businesses work. Keep up the great work!

Totally get what you mean. When things don't seem to work, we want to look for other ways that work and sometimes we just can't. I guess in the end, it just takes time and determination.

WA definitely does offer a way to make online businesses work. Can't wait to see more progress and an actual outcome!

All the best to you!

You just keep working at it

For sure, can't give up. If one approach doesn't work, try a new approach but don't give up.

My friend only tried for a year and teaches me what I need to do to make it work and then I have WA that teaches not just me but many people HOW to make it successful.

I will definitely share my successes with him and have him join our community! LOL

Perseverance is what is needed.


Exactly, Derek. No pain, no gain! Lol, love that saying. Must persevere and everything takes time. Money can't be used on everything to speed up the process, doesn't work for everything. I'm just glad I didn't get convinced by this friend of mine.

We must persevere to the end.

Definitely! Nothing comes without hard work =)

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