Hope to get something done.

Last Update: Jun 13, 2016


As my last message reported that I have a craft fair on Saturday and as I am awaiting more materials,my priority today will be getting them made.We had a practice for our school concert today,and it was the first time I heard most of the performances off the children,then at 1.00 0,clock there sports day was taking place.I have three nephews and one niece who attend the primary school,and so there was granny and auntie uncles watching them compete,I stayed for about a half an hour as it got quite hot,my skin is fair and felt my head burning so I decided to come away.

Did not have cap with me as I left it behind at a tennis match on Friday night,I do have another cap and although I bought it new it irritates my head.Mind you I am not a sun god anyway because of my fair hair and skin.

Its turning out nice here now,wishing you a lovely day.Mark........

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Enjoy the day!

sounds like a lovely family time hope things all work out well for you

Great! Thanks and you too ;-)

Hope your day goes well too :)

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