Early Indexed by Google?

Last Update: May 19, 2019

My latest published content was indexed by Google in 3 days, very early unlike my previous contents which were indexed after 13 days or 14 days. But I was wondering that inspite of this early indexing, it is not found in the first 10 pages, has anyone experienced like this?

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Crazyhaggis Premium
Indexing and ranking are two different things. Having your post indexed by Google simply means they have found your post.

Ranking posts can take quite some time. Your post doesn't automatically appear in the top 10 straight away. Depending on how much competition you have for the chosen keyword it can take weeks or many months before it appears on the first page of Google.
tokzkie824 Premium
Thank you for your response. I was just a little bit surprised because 2 of my previous posts landed in page 1 upon indexing and the other 1 in page 4. Anyway, thanks again for your sharing your thoughts. All the best.

LethaK1 Premium
How do you find that your post(s) has been indexed by Google?
tokzkie824 Premium
you can receive an email from WA informing that your post has been indexed.