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June 10, 2019
When it rains it pours, as the saying goes. Today is very memorable to me and I can't let this day pass. without sharing this wonderful news to this community of amazing and inspiring people here in Wealthy Affiliate.First good news is, almost all my contents were now in top position of page 1 in Google and some of them were also indexed by Bing and yahoo in top position of page 1.But the most fulfilling and greatest news today is the fact that I received an email informing me of my first comm
June 02, 2019
After 4 days being out of the picture, I am glad to be back for good and hoping to catch up things I've missed. The whole 4 days of my absence was seemed like my entire life is incomplete missing the training, reading blogs and of course the entire WA community of amazing people.
May 22, 2019
Getting indexed in google one after the other in 2 days is amazing, but what makes it extremely amazing is the fact that aside being ranked 1st in page 1, it was my site content about my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
My latest published content was indexed by Google in 3 days, very early unlike my previous contents which were indexed after 13 days or 14 days. But I was wondering that inspite of this early indexing, it is not found in the first 10 pages, has anyone experienced like this?
With close to two months since my Premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate, I am curious whether I am doing fairly well or am far behind my contemporaries here in this community of amazing people. Here are some of my progress so far, for your feedback and I will be taking your feedback as an inspiration and guidance towards my journey of reaching my goals.WA rank > 15116; Posts > 9; Network > 1643 Published Contents:* 1st content - ranked #4, page 1 by Google, ranked #2 by Bing
May 04, 2019
After Google and Bing, at last Yahoo has noticed my site and indexed my post at top position of page 1. This little achievement really fuels back our desire to exert more effort, take patience and maintain our regularity of doing our task in order to be rewarded.
Before I went to bed last night, I was thinking of terminating my premium membership here in Wealthy Affiliate for some personal reason, and actually, I had already made up my mind of doing it before I fall asleep.This morning when I wake up and after my cup of coffee, I checked my email inbox and unintentionally I opened my website only to see some interesting development. Bing has noticed my site and ranked my content in top position of page 1, Google on the other hand ranked my content at t
My first published content was indexed by Google in 2nd position of page 1, then 3 days after dropped at #5 of the same page for a week, then dropped again in page 2, and after another week was at #2 position again of page 1. Googles and Jaaxy has the same rankings of this period except last 3 days ago when my said content landed at the top position in Google, but still in #2 position in Jaaxy ranking. Which do you think is correct, I am just curious. One thing more, what does "links in site" i
As I move onward on my WA Journey, I have found a method and realized that this one will lead us to success, and with no doubt will surely hit the target. Or maybe, this same method was already applied by many WA senior affiliates who by now are already reaping both tangible and intangible results because of this PER method (Patience, Effort, and Regularity).I assumed everyone would agree with me that our primordial concern in joining WA is to make money online. I strongly disagree if someone i
Just got another badge by completing Level 2. This would mean great task ahead and with the help of wonderful people of WA community, I'm pretty sure I can do it.