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Last Update: August 06, 2014

So I'm pretty happy with how much I'm picking up so far, it makes me feel really good about it all. I like how there is so many different tools, methods and avenues to go down. Not long ago having and running my own website seemed a million miles away but knowledge is power and WA has been a great source. I feel like I've got the basics down, just need to push on and improve because in the end I'm on here to make money and provide for my family.

The only website I have created thus far is I find I'm always tweaking it, but I understand it's a constant evolution. At the moment it's a site about comedy in the movie world and tv world, but once my content has grown on that front I may add other entertainment forms of comedy.

Although the comments I have received on my website posts have been from you lovely people at WA, it's definitely something I'm very proud to see every time I get a new one, so thank you all... And please don't stop (I promise I'll add more content!)

I really am treating my first website as a learning tool, and once I feel things are running smoothly and I'm making a little money, I can't wait to implement some other Niche ideas that I have. In the next 3 months specifically I'd love to see my current site bring in some money. I know it doesn't happen quickly but it's progress. For the upcoming 6 months I'd like to think I'll be pretty confident at all this and definitely working on a second site, and it would be great if I can bring in a reasonable income.

So, that's where I'm at, thank you very much for reading!


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Maxiam59 Premium
I left you a comment on your site all the best
Toe-Knee Premium
Thanks man, really appreciate it.