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Last Update: September 22, 2018

I'm amazed at the number - and quality - of those nice folks who are following me. I so much appreciate it ... and I'm feeling pretty frustrated at the moment due to our intentions (Maria and I) to move to Saint Lucie, Florida as so as we sell out home here in Oregon. We have been there a couple of times scouting out properties, etc., and our home here has had an accepted offer, but the buyer changed her mind, so the home is back on the market. I'm waiting until we get moved to go forth with business plans as it has been pretty busy dealing with the situation here... of course, having been a licensed appraiser for more than 40 years I know one of the most stressful situations is selling and buying a home...

Thanks for all your comments and follow-alongs.... one of my "niches" is going to be an internet business dealing with "drones", and I will also re-initiate my website for selling my "how to" eBooks....the one now published... "How To Sell Your Home Fast," will be online as soon as we get moved....isn't that ironic??? I've been doing all the things I said to do in my book... and I'm still sitting in my home in Oregon... the only compensation is no one can control how fast or slow the "market" moves...

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NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Very good story, enjoy Oregon a little bit longer. I've only been there a couple times but I found some spots that look good to catch a sturgeon. I got my nursing license over there so I could fishing trip and triage for hospice.
One night I took call, but the only call I got was for a patient the caregiver was confused and he was not on hospice service at all. So I sent him in an ambulance...
Then back to the hotel, such great accommodations... but, I didn't know you only use a capful of the lavendar bubbles and the more I fought the worse it got. Suffice it to say, I was extra thankful no one transitioned to actively dying because of the bubble war.
hi-YA! Ninja Nurse.
Ok anyway, that is all I know of Oregon🙂
Great to read your work,
Nurse Becca
tkysar Premium
Oregon is a magnificent state, but come Spring, Florida is in our sights as its closer to Peru and family. The salmon is delicious, but the Pacific is too cold to swim in...looking forward to hearing about your niche/s.