Technical difficulties and updates

Last Update: June 19, 2014

So there have been 2 new posts to our site I write this on my iPhone, which doesn't like to link things today I guess. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any images uploaded to the posts via the app on my phone. I have been reading into it with no luck so far. I hope to have this resolved soon. You can also check out my Facebook, Google and Twitter- links located on my profile here. Daily updates given! Sorry for any grammar errors and lack of links. My phone is being ridiculous. Goodnight all!

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Karyskis Premium
I saw your post on Facebook this week about bikes and the wheel falling off. Were you riding a bike too?
Bill67 Premium
Hope it is going better for you today
Anewcreature Premium
We hope that you figure out what is going on with your phone. Thank you for sharing but these things happen when it comes to technology
JRCM Premium
Thanks for sharing.