NICHE .Rice Niche, lol

Last Update: July 28, 2021

I just had to share this with all of you.

My wife and I were looking at trying some differrent variety of rice and I spotted this and well, I had to show you. !

My wife says there is no word in Thai that would equate to 'niche' and I have no idea why they picked that. It cracks me up though.

If there is a place on anyones page or next post, feel free to use.


PS, they have a rice here, a deep red-wine color, called raspberry rice. Delicious.


PPS Because we are only allowed a post a day, I wanted to add a small update on yesterday. When I posted yesterday, I said I had an increase in my Google Adsense revenue of 3 cents over the day before, and that had taken two weeks to go from a cent a day to 3 cents a day. And then in just one more day, another increase. This of 43 cents.

Like I said, look for these tiny changes, they will get better! Be encouraged.

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
Very good.
Newme202 Premium
Awesome Robert
Made me chuckle a lot
Congratulations on your earning in Google AdSense
Each winning need to be celebrated
Wishing you success on your way going forward
Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Robert. You show how important it is to be aware of your environment. This is how we see gaps and opportunities as you have with the word niche. Also super going on your Adsense scoreboard. Really good motivation there.

Irishredrose Premium
lol Thanks for sharing! That raspberry rice does sound delicious!