My Level IV Task

Last Update: July 22, 2021

So this is my homework.

I have been on this program for a couple months. I think I joined at the last week of May? Anyway, it has been a full experience.

I am indeed learning a lot, to the point of confusion some days, but I suppose that is to be expected when entering into something where you have no experience.

Now, I say 'no experience' but that may not be entirely true. I have some experience in the area of story telling and of writing. And those skills, amateur level as they are, have carried me through the 25,000 or so words published so far. And that doesn't take in the articles I have written in Word and filed for later.

Where I have succeeded is in areas of learning, some industry inside words. As well, I have succeeded in learning some methods of website management, though not proficient or expert in any way. But enough to have some time in the past four or five days, begun to feel as though I am getting a handle on this.

And financial success? WOW. I have earned a staggering $0.18 sense from AdSense. I think I will call Warren Buffet for advice on how to proceed with my wealth. (Just kidding, relax) I certainly have not done all or any of this with the expectation of ease or overnight success.

But I did notice, right before starting my homework here, that my stats on Site Kit are showing a definite improvement, albeit small, over the previous days.

I am learning, but need more. I have started a second site, though not public yet. I use it for strictly educational purposes. I add and remove 'fake posts'. I move them around. I play with different themes.

I think that this is a practical training system for anybody. And if you try it, my only recommendation today is go slow with the changes. What I mean is, when you make a change, like a theme change. Activate and then sign out for a few hours. At least one. This is to allow for the change to take effect. It should be instantaneous, but it has not been so. And the time is not wasted if you use it productively elsewhere, right?

And same for building fake posts to use. They are easy, just cut and paste anything of only a paragraph or two. Make enough to move around on a site, to see what it looks like. Four or six is a decent number.

I strongly suggest going to the Wordpress site and reading as much as you can. And maybe do this BEFORE you watch any videos. Why? Because then when somebody in a video is going through it, you will better understand what they are explaining.

I wish I could say something about things like Site Kit, Google Adsense and Analytics, but I myself still struggle, a lot, with those. I have to admit though, Google does indeed provide a lot of information. And if like me, it starts to bog you down. Hey. Go take a break and do something else.

I learned years and years ago that we are not designed to burn through heavy learning material for hours on end. The average is twenty minutes then, take a five-minute break. It works and you will not regret it.

And rest your eyes. The eyes, I learned, use about 40% of the brains' energy. FORTY PERCENT!! That is why you get tired looking at the screen for so long. There are some displays that are better suited for long duration viewing, but they are not cheap and most of us are not at the point of laying out that kind of cash.

Well. I think that is all for this post.

Have GREAT day or evening, whichever it is when you read this.


PS If you wonder why I tag you, it is random. ( or sometimes I just think you have a kool name) If it wasn't required, I would skip it.

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Newme202 Premium
It is lovely that you are enjoying the training and the tasks
Continue to make positive progress as you go along your journey
Please ask questions if you are stuck or need clarification
I wish you success on you jouney
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Welcome aboard and keep up the good work.