21-Day Challenge-Day 5-Stick to It

Last Update: January 29, 2019

I recall listening to an old mentor of mind. He would always say entrepreneurs should have stick-to-itiveness. I remember my friends and I would look at each other, snickering thinking is that a word? Then he said, "It is a word, go look it up".

Webster Dictionary defines sticktoitiveness as dogged perseverance or TENACITY

Life experience will to teach you about Tenacity and not giving up.

Every day that you live is another opportunity to be grateful for what you have and to never give up on what you are dreaming for.

The time is now to have stick-to-itiveness and

  • Stick to your Short and Long term Goals
  • Stick to your Vision
  • Stick to Helping Others Succeed

and you will see that dream come to pass before you know it.

Keep up the Great Writing WA!


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FranCallado Premium
Keep up the great posts, T.
Tipqmon11 Premium
Thanks Fran!
Babou3 Premium
"stick-to-itiveness"! I learn everyday something new.

We have to remain stubborn and ambitious for moving
forward .

Great post!
Tipqmon11 Premium
I loved you used the word stubborn...I have never equated that with my goals. Yes, so true! Thanks so much. Will Do! :)
SnazzyIT Premium Plus
Great word! first time I heard of it also :)
Tipqmon11 Premium
Thanks the word sounds weird the meaning is powerful! Thanks so much. Wishing you all the best! :-)