Impusle buyer

Last Update: December 11, 2014

I think here is the place to revive and share what I had learnt during my study in USA. The reason is once we understand some type of customer trait we will have good chance to attract them to our business. So impulse buying means unplanned decision to buy caused by promotional message. Such purchase may range from small clothing, magazine to substantially large product such as jewelry or vehicle. Why many people is motivated to impulsively buy products? It is the personality trait called impulse buying tendency which means they have a habit of making impulsive purchase.

This might seem to be strange, but there are a number of associated behaviors that support this trait. First, impulse buyers are image-concerned or social status-conscious. So this people may buy as a way to look good in the eyes of others. Second, impulse buyers tend to be impatient to wait which may make it harder to resist the urge to spend money. Third, impulse buyers use money as a way to improve their mood, while they occasionally feel bad from many reasons. Last, impulse buyers are less likely to foresee the consequences of their spending. they only want to have it.

Knowing those thread will help you make smarter decision the next time you are shopping. Particularly when you impatiently want to buy something.

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