Taking Time off

Last Update: July 21, 2018

I decided to take some time away from my computer. Im getting overwhelmed. My children started school in less than a month. I plan on comng back soon as everything is settled down.

Good luck to you all,


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jetrbby80316 Premium
Have a great break Tina, see you soon:)
AlexEvans Premium
Best wishes Tina, sometimes recharging can help us to come back stronger.
3tripleA Premium
It is good to give yourself restoration time. Enjoy your break and hopefully see you soon. Best wishes
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Make the most of the holidays with the children, as the time passes only too quickly. All the computer stuff will still be there when you have finished the holiday, enjoy! Best Alan
michaelvgATN Premium
that doesnt sound to good i hope you get better soon. i signed up about 2 days and so far it seems really good, message me if you need anything, cheers