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July 07, 2019
When you write a piece of work, or a review on a Product, do you have a clear picture in your mind, of who you are actually talking to.Because, if you Market to Everyone, You Market To No One!Have you done your homework on who it is that actually will eant your Product/Service?What age bracket are they in?Male or Female or both?Education Level?Interests/Hobbies,Single, Married, Family, Alone?Income Bracket?Owns House or Rents?I think you get my point. WHO are you talking to.When I am typing up
July 03, 2019
3 Stages of Health Care!I guess you just know that an RN just has to write about Health related stuff, Right? When it comes to Health Care, there are 3 stages, 1) Primary, 2) Secondary and 3) Tertiary. So, Primary Health, (the one that no one does or cares about) is where the person, YOU, takes responsibility of their health through diet, exercise, sleep, laughter, de-stress etc. Secondary Health is where you enter the System. Come into Hospital, go through the tests, get diagnosed with a Healt
We have all had that experience when you take a seat determined to write a 2,000+ word article that will achive Page 1 status, done the research, but after the first few paragraphs, we are suddenly Lost for Words.What to do?Stand up, put on some comfortable shoes and GO FOR A WALK!Preferably with a nature setting around you.I am here to tell you, that whener I do this this, I am literally bombarded with ideas.I return home with a new found passion and a literal head full of ideas that I cannot
I think we all know what it feels like when we first start in Online Marketing. We are super excited, cannot wait to get that blog built, join many affiliate programs, super charged about thinking of the positive results etc.So, we set off at a franatic pace, thinking we will get everything done at a great rate of knots.However, what sometimes happens is that we begin to realize that it is a much bigger job than we first imagined. Our excitement can start to wane and we can feel not so excited.
A quick post today, and will give you something to ponder today, and maybe forever.OK Ready for todays Quote?" What You Think About, You Bring About"!Therefore, your continuous thoughts create your future.So, what is you think about most, Negative or Positive?Maybe it's Time For A...Check-Up From The Neck Up!!Have A Super Day!!Cheers,Tim!!
June 10, 2019
In health circles nowadays, sitting is considered to be the new smoking. Being sedentary is an absolute health risk if you believe all the research material appearing. Bad for the Cardiovascular System, Bad for Joints & Bones, Bad For General Health.But, let's face it who really wants to go to the gym for a long workout, or walk for miles everyday?So, for all those Online Marketers who sit at their computers for hours at a time, what is the answer?Well, what if there was new research that s
This is, without a doubt, the one question you should be asking yourself at the end of each day. I would love it if you try and think for a minute of what you think that question would be. Now, this question can be a great one to ask on both a Personal & Professional level.However, for the sake of this post, we shall concentrate on a Professional Level. So, in your role as an Online Marketer, this would be the question that MUST be answered daily if you hope to experience any level of succe
When you tend to your Blog and write content for hours on end, then tend to other parts of your Marketing, it is very easy to forget about the strain that contstant computer use can exert on your eyes.Therefore, today I would just like to offer a quick tip to everyone. Now, I won't bore you with all the anatomy details suffice it to say that the eye muscles become strained if focusing on short distance objects, such as a PC, Laptop or mobile device, therefore, a quick tip:What you can do to kee
Content MarketingI think everyone realizes that when it comes to Online Marketing, then Content is still King and still reigns supreme. However, writing Content has not always been the most enjoyable thing, as you always had to think of the best ideas, then go off to hunt for the best keywords and keyword phrases, then search high and low for the best images.Never Pretty! Took a lot of work just to get one blog post out, then the wait to see if anyone would actually read and then comment on you
IntroductionThis is a short article on the Training I am currently undertaking here at Wealthy Affiliate. As the name would suggest this Training is concerned with Affiliate Marketing and all the nuances contained within. As you will read, the Training has received a definite thumbs up from me.The Entrepreneur TrainingAt time of writing I am currently 80% through the Entrepreneur Training here at Wealthy Affiliate and the verdict is very positive, as I am very impressed with the level of traini