I will Get Back Soon

Last Update: May 30, 2017

I have no plans of leaving Wealthy Affiliate, I'm still in this business but it's just I have lot of things to take care of and smooth out so I can go back completely with my websites.

When I get back, I promise to make my websites better and simpler. I will create better training here to share with all the members and to my referrals as well.

I promise to finish the courses before I continue my 2nd year annual subscription by November of 2017.

I missed replying comments and answering questions to our fellow members here, but will get back with you guys with more from me.

Sometimes, we need a break to reboot ourselves or to recharge to become better.

I have many plans and projects ahead but will be there when I'm done with my priorities now.

Though, I might not be so active within the community this time, I'm continuing my new website journey called https://www.iamthriftymom.com if you got some time, you can visit and leave me some thoughts about it. Also, with my existing previous websites, I will improve it and separate ideas into a new website where it should belong to focus on. A website for "website creation" and my old website for reviewing "legitimate ways to earn money online". Will be proud to post them after my next revisions.

To my friends and fellows here, always keep your focus on your target goal and there's a bright light ahead in every journey we take. Keep your visions and goals clear so that no matter what, success will be there.

Please do not forget that success is not always going up, success is a journey of ups and downs, you will hit the peak while going up and down. Two steps forward and one step backwards.

Wealthy Affiliate gave us the map to success, just follow it and never go back to the old ways.


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cwelliver Premium
I always try to visit other people's profiles and check out a few of their posts, and I always look for what is a catchy title and then read through well today here I am here and you did not disappoint.
thriftymom Premium
That's so sweet of you Carl, thanks!
adaba063 Premium
very good,

it is easy to get caught up in looking good here on the WA website, but the real challenge is to apply the things you learn here!

I like your drawing about "what it really looks like"!
so true!
all the best,
thriftymom Premium
Thanks! Perseverance is the key to become successful. No matter what happens, just keep going. And I will get back, I promise! Better and kicking!
adaba063 Premium
looking forward to it!