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Hi My name is Terence I've currently been trying Affiliate marketing since early March without success. I've been trying out ClickBank, Warrior+ and JVZoo products





Hi kyle i'm up to the creating keyword rich content lesson?

Hi kyle i'm up to the creating keyword rich content lesson?

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Hi Kyle I'm up to the Creating Keyword Rich Content lesson and I'm really struggling to start out my content as this is the area I'll struggle with the most I don't have the im

Hey Terence, I agree with Diane. Creating content should be easy if you are genuinely interested in the niche. However, you could start with product reviews first if you can't write anything else. Reviews are easy to write and should open a channel of creativity. This way, you're learning about the niche through products you're promoting and will become expert in a short time, which is going to help you to write other types of content.

Hi - are you genuinely interested in beauty products? Is it something you can talk about all day long? Are you always giving advice about it to your friends and family? If not, and you have chosen that niche simply because you think it will be popular or make a lot of money, then you are going to struggle.

Your niche should be a subject you are familiar with, something you already have knowledge of or would enjoy researching. You will be expected to write 2 or 3 posts every week for the foreseeable future, potentially having hundreds of informative articles on your site.

Hi Diane thank you for your reply yes you are right to a certain extent with regards to me picking a niche for the sole purpose of making money, but to be honest I don't think I could write 2 - 3 posts a week in any niche. Having said that sometimes I'm the type of person that needs a little heads up to get me started then I could possibly start elaborating a little more. When you say write 2 - 3 posts a week what could you possibly write about without repeating yourself? Maybe this isn't for me I'm relatively okay with everything else but I've always struggled with creating things ever since my childhood days.

Hi - I have added a link below to a blog post that I wrote yesterday. It shows you how to put one idea in Google and it will suggest lots of other topics for you to write about. Remember, this isn't like writing a school essay, you write in a conversational style as though talking to a friend. Say, for example, your niche was fishing and a friend was admiring a new rod that you bought. You would tell him why you went for that particular model, whether it was value for money, if you had any success with it, which type of water it was most suitable for etc. That is the sort of post you would write.

Thank you ever so much Diane I feel a little disheartened at the moment but like a lot of inspirational quotes I'm not going to quit I'll do this even if it takes me a whole week to write thank you once again, Regards Terence.

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