Making Progress and Having Fun!

Last Update: November 17, 2015

Things are really starting to move along at a comfortable pace for me.

A few weeks ago I joined Wealth Affiliate without knowing what to expect. All I did know was that the information I was getting was golden, and that was enough to get me on board.

What I didn't foresee was the mountain of actionable information that was coming my way. I am both amazed and grateful for the expertise that is being shared with me on a daily basis here at W.A. I am fast becoming an expert myself!

I am working on multiple sites at the moment and trying to figure out the best way to revamp an old site of mine. The old site is well established and gets decent traffic but it has an absolutely terrible load time, is definitely not S.E.O. optimized, and must be picked apart and rebuilt. I'm not looking forward to such a tedious job but alas... it must be done!

The other sites I am working on are and which I am using as affiliate platforms for W.A. promotion. I am also working on and which are both in the organic/healthy food niche. The last two are and (my old site) which are for inspiring and motivating toward social good.

I am attempting to create an interconnected web of sites that work in conjunction with each other. But more importantly I am having Fun!

Knowing how thing work has me confidently moving forward building something substantial. In the past I was creating without an understanding of where it would take me. With the know-how and support system here at W.A. backing me up I know whats next. I know where I am going. That's probably the most important change I've undergone after signing up. After all, you can't reach your destination if you don't have one.

If anyone reading this needs any help or advice or just someone to bounce some ideas off of please do not hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you, I promise.

And remember to enjoy the process and create from the heart.

with love and appreciation-Tommy

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Emmaus Premium
Keep up the good work. Applying the information here is a great opportunity for success since it sounds like you've already got websites with a bit of age, and traffic.

The support here is amazing in so many different ways.

To success,