It's Like Perfumers Have Been Fooling Us All These While,Aren't They?

Last Update: July 21, 2018


I love always smelling good. That's why I did care less about what it can cost me to obtain the best designer perfume provided it smells mighty fine!

But the most disappointed remark I've made over the years is that out of 10 different fragrances, at least 3 among them would smell alike!

Have you noticed the same thing I'm talking about???

Last year, I was at Muscat, Oman where I came across a brand of fragrances called AMUAGE. It was my first time to see that new trade mark. And their perfumes really smell super good! It's the kind of perfume that can be offered as a birthday or wedding gift !

Though such fragrances are really costly(between $230 and $450); I was equally disappointed to discover the same problem of similarity of odor in their different products.

But funny enough, nobody seems to care about the high cost to pay for such plagiarized products in the perfume industries.


Can you tell me how outstanding is your fragrance?

If possible, suggest names.

Thanks and always smell good!

Boaz Ethan

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DebbieRose Premium
Fragrances are tricky to they interact with our own body chemistry and smell differently on different least that's my experience.
lesabre Premium
It better be good for that price
heikob Premium
Fragrances are like any other brand name products. The production of these fragrances are cheap and some cannot tell the difference between a brand name and a no name.The consumer pays for the name.
Mhillabold Premium
I love fragrances too. I bought my husband Jean Paul Gaultier, and I absolutely love it. My brother in law also wears it, and he loves it.
CandP Premium
Oh, you have got us with this one!

We LOVE fragrance too. I find this very attractive on both men and women. My little mother was from Paris and she wore perfume all the time. I can still smell the Arpège she wore and Joy, when I was a child.
I love to wear Guerlain's 'L'heure bleu and Shalimar (my mother said this is the fragrance that made her think of me so I wear it for her also). Also adore Channel #5 and Coco Channel. Don't you find it depends on your mood which fragrance you choose to wear each day?
Philip loves Lalique and Channel Anteus. I love when men wear cologne. To me, it is the icing on the cake of good grooming and finishes the whole 'look'.
I could go on and on because fragrance is so unique on each person too and is so evocative.
We have noticed, since living down here in Ecuador, that the local people love fragrance too. Perfumes and colognes are big sellers and we are happy for that.
Long live perfume! Thanks for a sweet-smelling post, Boaz Ethan!
ThimGraFort Premium
Thank you so much for such a great contribution!
I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you and remain good smelling, both physically and spiritually!

Boaz Ethan