Amazon Removes Third party vendors from its affiliate program

Last Update: April 09, 2020

Amazon Removes Third-Party Vendors From Its Affiliate ProgramI read about this article yesterday!
I am a just beginnger and I still have another full time programming ERP software from home.
Even though Covid-19 pushed out many jobs, I am in food manufacturing business, we are still very busy.I am learning when I have some time-off.

If we go to the point! What does it mean?

“the new Amazon removes from third party vendor.”
Is it going effect another many affiliate program

I am still in a learning period.

The article is on this URL

Many thanks

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Joezout Premium
Thihan Amazon began seeing a slightly unfair profit margin by some of the third party affiliates, it seems to primarily affect the publishing industry but most important it has no effect on us is more a big boy game as Joe has mentioned previous to me. You must always keep in mind that Amazon and other companies will make these financial maneuvers but by golly they will never remove affiliates because affiliates bring such a large portion of their business and profits so WA will continue to grow and prosper, bottom line no sweat.... Joe
JosonInc Premium
Third party Amazon vendors are marketing companies that are doing business with Amazon in a larger way than individual affiliates like you and I.

The article you posted says the disengagement from these groups could only be temporary as it is caused by the Coronavirus.

Thanks for the heads up!