KW AHA moment for a competitive niche

Last Update: March 16, 2013
I had a break through this week with Key Words. You would think that after almost 4 years I would not need a new breakthrough.... but one niche I am in is tickets and that is a super high competitive business with Ticketmaster and Stub Hub often ruling the SEO rankings.

What I have had to do is figure out how to use my WA training and adapt to this specific business.
If your work real hard, you can build a presence online using all our training, for an artist like Kenny Chesney who tours every year, sports teams etc. But to get SEO ranking for the one time tour or individual games is harder. Now I have had much help and training from the person who got me into this, do not get me wrong, and I have not been out there struggling on my own.

I have done OK but want to do more in building campaigns for repeat events like I mentioned above.

What I WAS doing, was focusing on event, date with the full year, and either city name or venue name. That made it a long kw string.
The PROBLEM with research is, the even has not happened yet, or a tour has just been announced, so you can't always go by search numbers like we were trained to so. What you do know is at the buying stage, they will be using dates or cities and venues in the kw.

Here is what I figured out, and am doing now, I just started this week, and what I am working on has not gone on sale yet, so i can't track it. Since this is one of the most competitive niches out there, I began to focus on the search page results. They teach us here to go for less than 1000 or better yet less than 500. Well what I started doing was looking for pages with less than 100, less than 50 is even better--the fewer pages to compete with the better. I am only use those kw in my ads.

I kind of looked at number of searches for KW without dates, but once you put the date in I did not pay attention because I know the dates will be used once the tour is announced or sports event go on sale.

The big thing I did, and should have been doing more and WA training does tell you, is to check out the differences in word order with long string additions. You can use a kw one way and there are thousands of pages, you flip the wording around, and there are fewer. You could have the same event in different cities and the word order people use in Kansas is different from Florida or California. so a kw string that works in one town, might not work for another. Adding one more word specific to concert or sports tickets also made a huge difference and trying out the different sequences.

So the point is, you sometimes have to adjust to your niche and how competitive it is and where you are.
If you are making your campaign local, don't think you can just use the same kw and substitute a different location. You have to move the city name around and see which order works best.

This long tail wording sequence would make a big difference in tags, when adding new posts using a different kw, when writing articles, or in Squidoo lens titles.

What works for one campaign, may not always work for another. The underlying principle is still there. You want to know the real message? That is I am doing the kw research and not just throwing in dates times venues....and looking at the differences and then using what I know about my niche to make my decision.
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reefswimmer Premium
I am in awe that you do well in the ticket niche. Super awe.

And big thanks for the aha ! I remember noticing the word-order thing awhile back, but not acknowledging its significance. Thank you thank you !
thesue Premium
the ticket thing is a lot of work..... I am OK at it.... but not a guru....but either way playing around with word order is an amazing eye opener. and adding one niche related word to the end of the string, and playing around with that order.... it can make the difference between thousands of pages and twenty.
art tech Premium
Learning everyday. Great post.
skiergal Premium
Gotta love those aha moments. Keep them rolling Sue.
kwajy Premium
ggod stuff! thanks!