Finished the Article Marketing Accreditation Course

Last Update: January 15, 2012

I have been doing this for two years.... but I just finished the Article Marketing Course.  I started it way last summer and took so long because I actually tried to do everything they told you!  What held me up was the PPC stuf as that scared me.  But I got my first ad put up.. so we shall see. 

The best thing about taking this course when I already knew what I was doing, was filling in the blanks, and tweaking what  I thought I knew.  

 The other things was I could tell what stuff  has changed since they wrote the course. Certain things that used to work, don't now, and so I could see that stuff. That was affirming


Now I only wish the forum stats were fixed  I started putting in the right stats in each post I make!  All that work to become an Intermediate Wealthy Affiliate and the forum does not acknowledge it!  Kyle says not to worry, the stats are there in there records and supposedly changes are coming or fixes or something.


I guess I will have to become PPC certified now  If I want to earn passive $$ at the ticket thing, I need to know how to fully use that!



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jatdebeaune Premium
Really glad you're writing about that. I wondered if article marketing course is worthwhile if you feel you are moving along nicely anyway. Also PPC. Sure can use help with that, though I'm not using it now. Forum posts, hah! I was also rolled back.