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My name is Don, but my friends call me Theron.and i am interested in different opportunities that are available to make an income at home. I am currently a stay at home dad, that takes care of 2 developmentally disabled children. I also operate as an amateur radio operator, and enjoy working on old tube radio gear, from the 1940's to 1960's. I am an avid shortwave listener as well.
I am not looking to get rich, buy into any get rich schemes, or make 1k a day type of plans. I would like to get to a point where i can generate a reasonable income, while working from home part time, so that i may take care of my children.
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Thanks for the follow! best wishes to you in 2013!!!
bradleygt Premium
Hi Don, thx 4 follow, let me know if ever I can assist u.
just stopped by to hello and thank you for the follow.
wiliah14 Premium
i quit work to spend more time with my child as well. The extra income could never take the place of quality time with my little boy. I ve got some money saved and i hope that will last me until im good at this it may take some time and sacrifice, but soon enough we will reap the benefits im sure, good luck to you!
kennyR Premium
Hi Don. Thanks for the follow. You know you might investigate a niche in your radio hobby.Good luck.