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So you recently started affiliate marketing last month and you are wondering why you haven't seen any conversions yet.As with all new businesses it takes time for it to grow. You have to make sure that you are advertising on a consistent basis.I am going to use a shoe store as an example. Let's say that you wanted to open a shoe store in the mall. Would you expect to have a lot of customers within month one.If you were, you are sadly mistaken, because not only is it a new store that no one kno
Hey everyone,So last-night I was watching You Tube which is what I do nowadays when I want to relax. I don't do anything for merely entertainment anymore. I'm a big girl now, so everything that I do is for self-development.Anyways, I was watching YouTube and there was this You Tuber in Affiliate marketing. He did a video about " How To Brainwash Your Self For Success" I took that lesson with me because he explained that in order for you to reach your goals, you need to pull out your handy dand
May 19, 2017
So, I was just on Facebook and someone messaged me and he told me that he was so excited because he got his Facebook promotion that Mark Zuckerburg is going to pay $150,000 to a select few members of Facebook. All you have to do is pay $1,500 for processing. Now if I was getting $150,000 from the owner of Facebook I don't understand why I need to pay the $1,500. This spells SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Scammers are getting craftier, so we need to keep our eyes peeled.
May 07, 2017
Today, I received a new referral. Please help me give him a nice welcome
So you are new to Affiliate Marketing and you've just found out that you need to find a niche to base your website on.You know that you want to do reviews on your website but you know that the best reviews happen when you have used a product first hand, and you don't have money to look on amazon for a product that you can purchase just so that you can review it.When you are exploring niche ideas you should look around your house and find keywords based on those things that you find around the h