Want a short cut to success?

Last Update: August 22, 2015

Does it ever feel like it's taking forever?!

Wish there was a better way?

The thing with short cuts is they cut short the efforts made to reach a task. In business the last thing you want to do is cut short your efforts to produce value for your clients.

When you take short cuts you essentially cut yourself short, and limit your potential and the potential for the success of your business. You wouldn't want the contractor who built your house, or the factory that built your car to take short cuts simply to save themselves time and money, why because at the end of the day they were dishonest with you.

As much as we all want short cuts, the biggest problem with short cuts is that they are dishonest. In nearly all cases businesses who take short cuts sell products or provide services that do not meet the expectations of their customers.

In the internet marketing world it is common place to be very deceptive during the creation of a business. So many people are willing to lie to get traffic or attention. They buy social media likes, follows, and other attractions. They swap comments and reviews with other people simply to have comments or reviews on their site. They buy back-links to help connect there sites to other sites.

What's wrong with lying about yourself, or your business?!

Well you have no real moral authority, and you can't be trusted. Your efforts to deceive will ultimately come back to bite you. What goes around comes around. People aren't stupid, at the end of the day you could very well be exposed and your name mauled, clawed, and slashed.

The main problem is you will not be creating a business based on real value. Only a business based on adding true value to its customers and clients has the potential for long term sustainable success. You can't build a long term successful relationship based on lies, and this is what you are doing when you are dishonest in your business practices. Your success is directly determined by your ability to succeed in developing relationships.

If you want to have people come to you and ask to give you money, as I talked about in my last blog post, the first step is to be honest with people.

This is the first Grizzly fundamental.

Sound's simple right?

So don't take short cuts!
A short cut, in most cases is a fast track to failure.

The popularity or commonality of something does not make it reliable, worth while, or ideal. For instance in North America in general it is popular for most to eat poorly and exercise irregularly, that doesn't mean that's a good trend to follow.

Honesty is the first Grizzly fundamental because it is the first step to building relationships, and forming a moral business.

Avoid Sites Like the following! :

To have people come to you and offer you business, you must be trust worthy, and respected. When it all comes down to it those who are the best, have no need to cheat in business or in life. They produce quality work and services, and are far more focused on value than beating the competition. They know that to come out on top you have to be the best, and they can't be the best while taking short cuts.

I challenge you to be 100% Honest in your personal life and in your business life. I realize this can be a struggle at times, but make an honest, and sincere effort to be real.

Don't be sucked into the trap of cheating or lying to get rankings etc. Honest social relevance always trumps dishonest false attempts to make your point and build rapor.

Found your life, and your business upon the
1st Grizzly Fundamental: Honesty.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this article.
I welcome your feedback and comments.

I want to hear how you feel about the
1st Grizzly Fundamental.
Tell me what you think.

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All the best.
Warm Regards,

Ps. Sorry for delay of this post.

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Martstervt Premium
I appreciate the effort you put into this.What you bring out is important to a solid foundation in internet business and all business. Marty
TheGrizzly Premium
Thanks Marty, all the best to you and yours!
bill808 Premium
My rule of life: "Help where you can and where you cannot help be very careful not to hurt." The Dali Lama.

I recommend only those products I use, like and know work.

Selling junk to make money is dishonest and immoral. There are many ways to make money on line and only a few are ethical. The more I am here at WA the higher they go on my scale. 9/10. Come to think of it I cannot think of a reason not to go 10/10
Danamy5 Premium
Thanks Evan for a very thoughtful and poignant blog. I have viewed and read so many blogs here, as I try and find my way. I am looking at visual appeal as well as writing styles and, most importantly, value to me as a person. This has to rank right up there with the best, for me, because of the intrinsic value of your explanations. How could one argue with the 1st Grizzly fundamental of honesty, when you expound on the analogy of not wanting shortcuts to be taken when your car or house is being built? Today, I worked an 8 hour shift at my second job, after working over 14 hours yesterday. Yet, tired as I am, I get here and get myself involved to learn and come across this most excellent article that reaffirms in me that I am going about things the right way, in that I am applying myself to provide "value". Thanks again for your post. Much continued success to you.
TheGrizzly Premium
Dan, I greatly appreciate your kind comments. I enjoy blogging, and look forward to sharing more grizzly teachings and fun and useful tips. I look forward to connecting with you. I am pleased to find people who value honest and moral business practice. Sadly those of us who share these views are unique, even in WA. All the best to you and yours.
Danamy5 Premium
Thank you, Grizz . . . . I have always liked that name, as a friend of mine named her Doberman that, after she rescued him, a 3 legged guy he was amazing. I look forward to more of your writings/teachings here. The kind comments are only what is there . . . The truth.
markstrayer Premium
Thanks Griz,
Good info checked out the sites just to see.

Have a good evening.
allchristie Premium
Evan - well researched good stuff. Flagged for constant reminder. Thanks Larry