Using Infographics to Brand a Business Including Free Templates

Last Update: August 14, 2021

These days you see infographics everywhere. There are lots of reasons why they are so effective. They are visually effective because they incorporate your brand, in terms of your fonts, your logos, your colors, etc. They are certainly not a new concept but they are great especially if you are a visual creator.
Nonetheless even if you are a fantastic infographic creator it won't help you at all unless people really associate it with your brand. If you get it right infographics go a long way to doing a lot of the work for you in terms of social shares.

Infographics need to have a dual-purpose first of all of course they are there to give fantastic information. Secondly in this aspect is important that there is a connection in your audience's mind to your brand.

Before you build an info graphic remember it's not just a piece of content. Make bullet points of the information that you want to share and build a story around it. You've heard me before blog about how important it is to use stories. Every culture understand stories and they are such an evocative way of making a connection.

Before you get to creating your info graphic make sure you know what your call to action will be. Make sure you don't put too many colours in an info graphic. It's the same ruler painting if you throw five colors of paint into a tin, you get what was used to be called "shit brown". I hope I haven't offended anybody but that is the best way of describing the horrible non-descriptive color you get. Putting more than four colors and in infographics detracts from your message.

One of the main rules of info graphic creation is to leave lots of white space. You have to be clear about your message and whitespace stops the whole thing from being confusing.

More and more on Pinterest now you see that recipes are actually written on an info graphic. You often see herbs and their uses as well. Such as the five best herbs to induce sleep, or the five best herbs to improve digestion.

Infographics are visual representations used to share concise information. They do this in a way that's easy to read and understand, especially if your readers don't speak English as a first language. The first time I ever saw an info graphic it was a weather chart. It is so easy to convey rain, cloud, sun and wind on an info chart.

By simply scanning a small picture you can see if it's going to be sunny or rainy, what the temperature is, and any weather trends for the week. It's simply a quick and easy way to get the data you need.

Infographics though can share much more complex ideas than the weather. I made an info graphic yesterday to demonstrate how to use a new piece of software. Of course, being a graphic they rank far easier than a website as well.

You can put so many ideas into an info graphic. Not only can it have pictures but you can use flow charts, graphs, or arrows to clarify the idea.

You can use it in lots of ways. Some of the examples below

10 facts about mangoes that might surprise you.

You can use an info graphic as how people join wealthy affiliate for instance. If you don't want to use it in that way you can then compare wealthy affiliates to another company.

Once you start making infographics it can be hard to decide how to do it but once you get into the flow of it's amazing how creative you can get

The following site has free templates to help you create your first infographics.

XMind for Android offers two versions for users: free version and full version. In free version, users can insert notes, markers, stickers, hyperlink, labels into the topics. Users can also export the mind map in the form of PNG & PDF with a watermark.

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