7 Kickass Ways To Completely Change Your Outlook On Life

Last Update: August 13, 2021

1. Reevaluate your friends

I started to do this a little over a year ago. I weeded out everybody in my life who was negative and had brought me down. Granted, it was easy for me to do this because I could count the people I knew on two hands. I have changed countries only five years ago and I didn't know anybody for any longer than that five years.

I do understand that it may be easier to evaluate your friends and quite complex to do so with family. Again here I'm lucky I only have one member of the family, my brother, and he is upbeat, as is his wife! So for a lot of you it may be difficult to re-evaluate family, but you can certainly do it with your friends.

One thing I found as a result of doing this was because I was always positive the people who had been negative in my life were weeded out naturally. They didn't want to hang around with me because I wouldn't listen to their moans and groans. So to be fair in my case it didn't take much weeding out.

What I can tell you is that weeding out those two people in my life who for ever moaned about absolutely everything and refuse to take responsibility made me feel a whole lot better. It may not be something that you can achieve totally but even cutting out a few people can make a huge difference in your life

It's one thing carrying around your own shit, you don't need to carry around anybody else's

2. Stop watching television and reading the news

I did this at the beginning of Covid. I realize that chasing bad news would definitely have a negative effect on my life in the long term. It's called Doomscrolling, a new word invented for people who constantly chase bad news around the Internet. There is enough trying to chase me without me looking for it. I also stopped going on Facebook, not that I used it before I only used it for business. Now when I want to do Facebook ads I outsource it so I never have to log into Facebook and have a look at my Facebook feed. I didn't actually cancel my account because I knew that I may want to run Facebook ads in the future.Now I am seriously considering cancelling my account. I have an inordinate amount of friends I don't even know who they are and they know even less about me. I wonder what the point is.

I have found myself, of course, with more time on my hands which is productive time. I use half of it to go out for a walk every day. I am lucky to live within 100 m of the sea so I go out for a walk in nature and take my Kindle sit on a bench and read for half an hour when I walked as far as I'm going to walk. After reading I walk back. If you are in the city try and go for a walk in a park or a natural setting every day. Connecting with nature is a tremendously healing time.

3. Listen to an audio book every day.

That is a new thing for me in the last year I have bought audio books. I find that I can listen when I'm out on my walk so in effect I get an hours extra reading time here. I also listen to audio books when I'm cooking or cleaning. I don't know why you never thought about it before but reading constantly will help your writing skills. You can read fiction if you must. You can also learn a language or read the life stories of entrepreneurs. I like reading how other people have found ways to problem solve.

4. Schedule important business phone calls during your nature time. It's amazing how less stressful these calls are when I'm walking along the seafront. There is something calming about the sea and the sea air. Again if you live in a city you can do this in a local park or just sitting where there is a green area and looking at trees. It just gives you a different environment to look at.

4. Learn to Fail Fast

Failure is an integral part of learning. So I like to get the failures over and done with early. Recently I have been doing Zoom lessons live for a friend of mine. This is taught me a great deal. I have learned to deal with new software properly. By this I mean if you're going to teach somebody how to use let's say Aweber an auto responder, you have to know all its features. You can't risk somebody asking you questions on a live call that you can't answer. I didn't want to fail and the live call so last week my lesson was how to install a WordPress site with GeneratePress pro, and elementor pro, which is a page builder.

Fortunate I didn't have to teach them how to build the opt in page I did that in my own time but I did have to teach them how to import it into the page builder and then connect it to their auto responder account so that when people opted in for the free offer they got an email in response to their optin.

None of this is super technical stuff. However, there is something about doing a live training that was terrifying. So it meant that I built three sites from scratch to demonstrate that I could do this before I did the actual live content. Fortunately, the opt-in page was a free offer for software that cost $495. So that landing page is on three of my sites with the potential to earn me $495 a sale. I have been given 10 free licenses to sell so all of that work wasn't wasted. It also meant that the live training went smoothly.

So when things go wrong in your business just look at it as another way you have found not to do it. One thing I have noticed in all the years I've been here in Wealthy Affiliates is that some people bug the hell out of people in live chat. They also pm people who they know are successful in certain areas. I have a great deal of admiration for people who work out what my skill sets are (it's not building websites) and then asking me the questions about things that I know more or less everything there is to know about.

5. Reach out and ask for help from successful people.

These people I know will succeed and it is very evident in the early weeks. They have the tenacity not to give up and they're not frightened to reach out and ask for help. We are hardwired as human beings to help. It came down from caveman times. Strangely enough we have not evolved that far as a species from caveman times. In those days a clan would literally be the number of people who lived in your cave. That may be 20 people or it may have been 120 people. It would have been unlikely to have been much bigger than that. People learned fast that if they didn't help the people around them, it was highly likely that they would be at risk at some point of an early death. This is where the hardwire that comes in, we are hardwired to help other people now. So go on and reach out and ask for help.

6. Give as much as you can and work in a Creative Environment.

Giving in this community is called paying it forward. Now I am not suggesting that everybody should be an ambassador. What I am suggesting is that in a general way in your family life you give as much as you can.

One thing I've learned about sharing in business is that it pays off big-time.

Sometimes you read new members here frightened to give their niche ideas in case somebody steals it. They are scared to talk about their ideas because someone may still. One thing I've learned is an entrepreneur is it's not about protecting intellectual property. An idea is just that. We can all have hundreds of ideas in a single hour never mind a day. Those ideas only come into fruition when you do something with them.

Yesterday I went to a networking meeting of six and seven figure entrepreneurs. I sat enthralled for five and six hours listening to their creative ideas bouncing off all of us. Talking about ideas opens other ideas, but it also opened doors that you never thought possible. I am building a new community website and as I was speaking about it to everyone one person in particular said I can help you with that why don't you build a membership site in a certain area which would be a very tiny niche but no one is doing it. I was going to set up a website for free and I realize I can still do this but I can also create a private website and create passive income.

Being in a mentorship group is awesome. It opens doors to all sorts of new ideas. Yesterday an idea was born combining crypto currency and a lottery. This is taking web 3.0 to another level. Other people are already doing this as we all googled it we know. However, it doesn't stop it being done because if someone is already doing it, it is a profitable idea.

7. Be kind to yourself

Learn to love yourself and be kind to yourself. We are very often very harsh on ourselves, we are our own worst critics and our own worst enemy. Watch what the silent dialogue is you're telling yourself. Are you telling yourself that success is for other people or that you are useless? Many others have many hangups from our childhood. Before the age of seven the child has a different brainwave pattern to an adult. It acts on the hypnosis frequency which means children literally soak up everything around them. As adults think they have this belief system (they do have a belief system!) Unfortunately that belief system isn't there is it's built up the myriad of their parents, family, peers and teachers belief systems.

Many of us have an internal dialogue with ourselves that we would not tolerate to use to other people. In other words we wouldn't talk to our best friends, our families, our work colleagues, or anyone else in the same way that we allow ourselves to speak to ourselves!

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.

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Debbi26 Premium
You've hit the nail on the head with this. I can't deal with friends that are constantly complaining. It destroys my energy and I find I have no patience for such stuff. I've distanced myself as well.

Love audio books. I've been doing them for years. It used to be the cassette tapes I listened too. Wow, I just aged myself. LOL

TV and the news ------- SUCH A TOTAL waste of time. There is a reason it's called the "boob tube". They are programming you and most don't even realize it.

LesGreen Premium
Debbi26 Premium
My 2 passionate cents! 😆
TheCatherine Premium Plus
That's worth at least 10 dollars Debbie, especially about the media programming
Debbi26 Premium
LOL. Thanks!
Stella741 Premium
Very well said Catherine....I also believe in having mentors in areas you need experience in. I have 4 financial mentors and 2 spiritual mentors.

Personally, I'm a health mentor. We trade experiences and help one another out. We are also friends.

I weeded out negative people from my life at least 5 years ago and replaced them with 6 figure people.

The 6 figure people value relationships in a way the negative people don't. I feel I'm on the rungs of a good ladder now and finally on the way up.

Thanks for making me think Catherine!

All the best,

TheCatherine Premium Plus
how wonderful Stella. I am sure you have benefitted from this.
edhozubin Premium
I also believe that it is more important than ever before. We have not had an occurrence as such with the Pandemic in a hundred years. A lot of people have probably moved to the negative side because is has been almost like captivity. Many people of color that are holdouts because of what happened early times that they don't trust the government. There are also the ones that feel it is not necessary for them to have the shots. At least 85% - 90% of the people need to get the shots in this country to consider it under control & that is not happening. The variances if left out there long enough could restart it all over again. The rest of the world is screaming for the shots, probably we should give all shots to the people that want them because many here don't want them.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
I certainly understand why a lot of people wouldn't voluntary have them.
Stella741 Premium
I happen to know 2 friends of friends that had an allergic reaction to the shots...one had a mini-stroke and the other had a heart attack.

They are both young people below 30....

None of us in this circle are taking the shot. But we also know how to nip Covid in the bud...It's very easy...
etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Catherine,

An excellent post- those tips are so helpful. Each of one us here at WA should strive to change for the better.

Especially the last one (being kind to yourself), we need to give ourselves a break now and then. I agree on that part.

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,

TheCatherine Premium Plus
Thanks Eric
1Rudy1 Premium
Excellent advice, Catherine!

I have not watched the news in over ten years. I keep updated periodically by scanning UK news sources. But I refuse to follow the news.

Audio books...I forgot about using them. That's a great way, too, learn while doing chores, mowing the lawn, lol, etc.

I've taken up walking and use a simple pedometer to keep track. My goal is to walk at least one mile per day, and I don't mean the steps between the couch and the fridge...lol. In fact, I walked about 1.5 miles mowing my lawn...

The flip side of failing is to keep going and find the best way to succeed.

Well said, here Catherine!

TheCatherine Premium Plus
That is the flip side of failing, thanks Rudy