"My Journey To $10,000.00 a Month": Day 14 - Writing To New Directories

Last Update: March 05, 2013
Well, I ran the hill and I completed my article. These were my goals for today. first thing this morning I checked street articles to see if I saved my draft...but it was not, so I had to rewrite the article look up all the info. as I had nothing saved when my computer decided to take a nap. a lesson to be learned here, "save" every step of the way, cause you never know. Its now time to move forward, I will be writing a new article and I will be submitting it to a new directory i.e.ezinearticles.com I'm feeling very accomplished to have gotten this far. To now know everything I know in this short span of time is for me a great achievement towards what I am working for.

I remember thinking once, wow! I'm going to send my article (the same one) to all the directories, if there are 500 directories, Im sending it to all of them!. who knew! that, that would be disastrous. That google doesn't like duplicates. Just that one piece of information is worth the price of admission here. Now that I am slowly but surely getting into writing my articles, I want to get into the habit of it being part of my everyday, and so its on my calendar/tasks to write my articles everyday, to blog everyday...minimum 1. I will get myself into the habit and work myself into writing up to 4 articles per day and 4 blogs per day and schedule them out.

This blogging here helps me tremendously, the reason why is because its a way of holding myself accountable. We could have goals in our minds, on paper, on a white board...but if they are not being checked off, then whats the point. I need to hold myself accountable and this forum and this blog is helping me do that. We could ask someone to hold us accountable, but in the end only I can do that. If I am to really achieve what I have set out to do I have to be accountable.

Task for Tomorrow: I will complete my second article, subscribe to a new directory and research keywords.

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The Crazy Guru Premium
Thanks Chris...I will do that.
Chris Lee Premium
I suggest using Google Docs to write your content. It automatically saves your content every few seconds! :D