This is much harder than I thought - My beginning and to be continued

Last Update: February 11, 2018

I just did something that was pretty hard for me to do and I'm actually still pretty nervous about it. I'm worried about the response I'm going to get. So now I am going to do something even more embarrassing, and that's to write about myself. That other thing is that I just put my website out there to be critiqued. I'm very critical of myself and always worry that I'm not good enough at anything.

A silly thing like worrying about what strangers thousands of mile away might think and then write about it is foolish I know, but its the way I feel. I need to overcome my fears if I want to succeed.

I have been online for many years, if you read my profile, you've seen that I've been online since AOL Version 1. The younger generation may not have even heard that AOL had a version 1.

Anyways I think you get the point, I've been doing the internet thing for a while.

Would you believe that I have even made a little passive income with a crappy website and AdSense? Times have changed though, and you need to put your heart into your creation, and I know this believe me, but I just wish I could overcome the worrying so I can get the work done and keep moving forward. I hope that by blogging about my experiences and forcing myself just to do it, that this will become easier for me because boy-oh-boy is this hard to do right now.

I also know that I need to get much better at my writing, now I wish I had listened more to my english teacher. I've settled on writing like I was standing and talking to you. My hope is that will make it more personal, and visitors will relate to me better. What do you all think about this? How do you approach your writing?

I know that this is a for real community of like-minded people and that we all believe in paying it forward. If anyone has faced these problems or similar ones, please share how you overcame or are overcoming them. From time to time I will force myself to blog about how I feel, and maybe that will help someone else as well. If you read this far, all I can say is thank you, have a great day. Till the next time.

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hirohurl Premium
This is exactly what you should be doing, and you are doing a good job of it from what I can see.

1. You're facing your fears and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone by publishing your blog.

That's the best way to make progress both in your business and in personal development. I have found that those two go together and that the former is really dependent on the latter.

So well done for publishing your blog. Next step, if you haven't done it yet, is to hop over to Site Feedback and ask the WA community for feedback!

2. Next, coming here and talking about your fears gets you into the habit of being open and confronting them. It does get easier.

Yes, keep on blogging here about how you feel.

3. One piece of negative self-talk I might be able to help you get over is this:

"I also know that I need to get much better at my writing, now I wish I had listened more to my english teacher."

NO YOU DO NOT!!! (I'm an English language teacher by profession, by the way!)

You have an excellent, clear and clean online writing style. I read right through your post easily and with pleasure. Your decision to write as you speak is 100% correct, and you've already mastered it.

Here's proof: I copied your blog post (this one on WA) and pasted it into this "grade checker":

Your writing style is so clear because it has a reading age of 11.9 - and that is a GOOD thing.

You can make it even simpler if you want, but there is no need to. My writing style usually comes in at 14.8 or something and I have to SIMPLIFY it to lower the score.

I hope that helps.

Keep up the good work.

David Hurley
tgray143 Premium
Wow, thank you so much for this feedback, it really lifted my spirits. I am going to take your advice and continue down this road. This is the first time I'm stepping out of my comfort zone so this means a lot, thank you.
hirohurl Premium
That's good to know! Thank you for the feedback to my feedback!

Keep moving "one step beyond" (as the Madness song put it) because the "comfort zone" will get bigger as you make progress.
siamjerry Premium
This community is quite different to other platforms I have frequented in the past. Most people here are indeed in the same boat and the most important thing: from my personal 3-year experience I can confirm that they are here to help. I have never come across persons that are out to get you, as is the case with so many sites. There we have to live with the fact that there are a lot of frustrated men and woman. Not so here! This is business where each and everyone of us wants to make money the honest and legal way.
In his way, you should welcome any constructive criticism, only aimed at making your website better.
tgray143 Premium
Thanks so much for your words. I agree that constructive criticism is good. I welcome it, believe me, I just need to be able to handle it properly. I wish that I can learn to go with the flow and not take everything so personal. I recognize that this is one of my weakness, my flaw if you will. I am working on it, and I will get better for sure. Have a good day my friend.
siamjerry Premium
Everybody here is mature and professional enough not to laugh at anybody. So go with the flow en enjoy!
tgray143 Premium
Yes I very much agree