Google Collections: A New Opportunity for Marketing

Last Update: May 09, 2015

Hey WA Gang,

How's it goin'?

I just learned about a new concept Google is introducing--its called Collections. They are sort of like 'Categories' in your WordPress 'blahg.'

What you can do is create a new collection & name it "your_niche" then start posting to it. You can then link your Google Circles, website posts, WA 'blahgs,' YouTube videos, etc., to it then have a link in your Collection post back to wherever you want.

The Collections can be public or private, with some restrictions on what you can or can't do after you do so.

See any marketing opportunities here like I do?!!?

Here's a link where you can read about most of the details:

Oh! Did I mention that Collections will most likely rank higher in Google Search?

Check it out & let me know what you are thinking.

BUT, click on the 'Like' button FIRST, PLEASE!

That's all for now, WA Gang. We'll talk soon...Terry

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techhound Premium
Hey Terry,
This is very cool and really good to know. Thanks for sharing!
Best Regards,
danbarth87 Premium
thanks, Terry!
KatieMac Premium
thank you will be reading up on this and get back to you
Cali Premium
I'll read it in the morning. Thanks for the 411 and the post.