Reading, saving, and planning

Last Update: January 11, 2016

After 4 days here, I l havent created any websites YET!!

Reason #1> I created 2 others sites 3 seasons back on the Wix Platform. One page is my own website. Its my first EVER web page. It took me 3 tries from trying different themes. I utilized Microsoft Word to copy and paste, make grammar corrections, use overlays and colors, fonts, I saved EVERYTHING on Word for both sites. I have never done this before! so this was my way of not loosing anything. That was way helpful so i didnt loose any content, that was smart after losing 3 pages of contect, a WHOLE WEEKS WORTH of planning and correcting.

****NOTE TO SELF AND OTHERS..PLAN AHEAD, utilize the tools your familiar with and SAVE EVERYTHING!!!!

Reason #2> on the second website, I did the same thing, but has many more tabs and pictures and a site with a site, BUT I NEVER READ, I just jumped into it,

I didnt care about SEO, analytics, page ranks, Google this n that, coz that was the reading and understanding part. I hated that part so i skipped it. The MOST IMPORTANT PART of it ALL, and i skipped it, to RUSH into the good fun stuff.

Now having ALL these TOOLS and ALL THIS KIK A$$ SUPPORT, Im going to soak it ALL in and THEN CREATE!.

Being a landscape designer with a designing platform I use on my own, I can do this the RIGHT WAY, the SMARTER WAY!

NOW > here is what I have:

2 really nice colorful and use-friendly sites "" WITHOUT ANY SEO" so im a ghost on GOOGLE and i dont get many calls. I have to GIVE people my card to find me on the web. Like i have to have them EAT MY CARD basically. Most dont even go visit. I dont know coz I have no analytics!, I dont rank. Im there if you type it in but thats it..

The 2nd one Is a company that I have worked for for 15 seasons so he had me do his to save $$$. Well We arent making much from our empty billboard!!

My Web page:

Total 1 month to complete

My second creation:

Total 1 month to create, changed 4 times ti minimize = 2 months total

Both are mobile friendly!





Thank you for your time,


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DaveSw Premium
I think the process you find here will work for you much better and easier...Best of luck!! Dave : )
TEKDesignZZ Premium
OH YAH.. the videos , the support and the how to' I said it was my first ever experience and i created a darn good site..ON THE OUTSIDE its nice..LOL but not inside :)