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Back on WAI'm finally back here on WA after taking a short break for the Christmas holidays(actually due to financial troubles) and I intend to stay here to make a better life for my loved ones and myself. Although my issue now is finding the time to put in some work into my website and such.I Have Been StressedFirst off I don't mean that I cannot work on WA due to stress from work. What I mean is that the quality of my web building plummets and it is difficult to think about what to do next.
Christmas & an Update on my progress!Christmas is just around the corner! So I spent too much on gifts... Now I do not have enough to pay for this month's premium membership fee lolTherefore I will be taking a "Christmas holiday break" and canceling my premium membership *awkward laugh* don't worry, it will only be until my next work salary, then I will renew my membership... The monthly one that is haha.Gaming Headsets is my nicheI am a gamer at heart, it's pretty much what I think about a