Christmas is on it's Way! Christmas Crackers Yay!

Last Update: December 06, 2018

Christmas & an Update on my progress!

Christmas is just around the corner! So I spent too much on gifts... Now I do not have enough to pay for this month's premium membership fee lol

Therefore I will be taking a "Christmas holiday break" and canceling my premium membership *awkward laugh* don't worry, it will only be until my next work salary, then I will renew my membership... The monthly one that is haha.

Gaming Headsets is my niche

I am a gamer at heart, it's pretty much what I think about at least 70% of the time... or perhaps 90%... Whichever it is, I'm still proud to be the gamer that I am.

So I spent a good time deciding on what would be my first niche and circled around 'gaming headsets' for a while, then got Marcus's opinion before finally deciding on choosing 'gaming headsets' as my first niche.

I've built up the basic foundation of my website and I have a few affiliate programs noted down. There are 2 posts so far, one is the 'about' post, and the other is a post based on gaming headsets for people with bigger heads.

As ridiculous as it may sound to some people, there are people with heads that are so abnormally large/small that they struggle to get a gaming headset that fits them properly AND comfortably(2 very important points to keep in mind).

My Website Goals Don't End Here

You see, I still have much to do! The website is practically still in the mother's womb.. Yes I'm the mother but that's not the point here! There's lots of research to be done, many more posts and pages to make and a bit of OEC training to do.

The OEC so far is quite thorough I must say. I am currently on level 2 and completed the first 11 tasks of it. I intend to complete most of the courses before I continue making any changes to my website on my own.

Before I go

Enjoy your Christmas shopping everyone! I hope you are all having a great time with your families and friends. I know that once I start earning some income through my website, I will surely be capable of buying many Christmas gifts for my family as well. Yet another reason why this is so important to me!

With that, I will be off for some days and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

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Merry Christmas and see you soon!

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Thanks Ingrid. Merry Christmas to you as well 😊