Looking Forwards With no Looking Back

Last Update: January 17, 2019

Back on WA

I'm finally back here on WA after taking a short break for the Christmas holidays(actually due to financial troubles) and I intend to stay here to make a better life for my loved ones and myself. Although my issue now is finding the time to put in some work into my website and such.

I Have Been Stressed

First off I don't mean that I cannot work on WA due to stress from work. What I mean is that the quality of my web building plummets and it is difficult to think about what to do next.

I won't be letting this put me off though, I still intend to take it by the horns and face it heads on. But despite my determination I still have trouble finding the time frame to squeeze WA into.

My Own PC

Actually I have been putting together a PC back home which is about 2 months away from being complete. Once my PC is up and running I'd have plenty of time for WA. I have tried WA on my phone but it can be quite unreliable since I need to take calls from it and the small screen makes it difficult to navigate, especially when I'd have to edit the desktop version of a website.

I Must Apologize

Honestly the majority of this post was just me ranting about my troubles but I felt like if I didn't write it down, it would just pile up.

So I'd like to apologize and let everyone know that even if you are facing similar problems every passing day, you can still find success on WA with enough effort and willpower, this much I am sure.

So to turn this around I'd like to say...

Happy New Year!

It's a whole new year with a year worth of new possibilities and achievements to look forward to! This is very exciting for me because I started WA in the middle of November 2018 so the beginning of this year feels like a starting point from which I can see a vast horizon of great things to happen here on WA.

I also hope everyone on WA had a great new year and enjoyed themselves as well.

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Babou3 Premium
Really great to see you back!
I'm sure you are super motivated to
do your best. I hope all your money troubles are
behind you.

I wish you all the best for this new year!
Welcome back!
TeaCat Premium
Thank you for welcoming me back! And yes I will be doing my very best.

As for the money troubles, there's still some loose ends here and there, but they will be dealt with soon as well.

I wish you the best for this new year as well!
Thanks again,
j52powell Premium
I hope you can say goodbye to the nagging problems soon and focus from here on out. Good luck.
TeaCat Premium
Thank you sir, I have confidence that these issues will be put behind me soon enough.

All the best,
Petra4 Premium
I do understand the problems when trying to nagivate on a small screen and needing to edit the desktop version. Do you have a tablet or laptop instead to use in the meantime?

Since you have only joined up in the last 2 months, you are still finding your feet as well as trying to balance everything at this stage however once your training is finished, you will be able to concentrate on your website as well as everything else that you needing to do.
TeaCat Premium
For the time being, all I have is a smart phone and no other portable device. I use the computer at my workplace when I have free time.

Typing on a physical keyboard is much easier than an onscreen one, so I would probably get a laptop sometime as well.

Thanks for your kind words and advice, they make sense and bring me some clarity. I will be going through the training, it has been very helpful so far and honestly I am looking forward to it 😆

Petra4 Premium
What about working at a library. Having use of a desktop as well as some quiet time, you will be surprised on what let alone how much can get done. Every little bit helps although I do know its a hassle also.
TeaCat Premium
Ah working from the library is a good idea, except something happened to the library a few months back and had to close down. Not sure for how long but it wouldn't be accessible for now. 😅