Portuguese Speaking Members Please

Last Update: July 20, 2016

If any Portuguese speaking members read this post, please stop by my referrals profile and give him a little help and encouragement.


I really appreciate your help and I am sure Geraldo will too.

Thank you,


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stephhill Premium
Hi Tom:

Good hearing from you. Congrats on getting Geraldo to sign up as one of your referrals. As far as the Portuguese issue, WA is not designed to accommodate speakers of other languages besides English. Edu (TopAchiever) designed a training about a year ago that might help Geraldo learn English which you can recommend he check out. Edu's training page is https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/topachiever/training I am not sure if the training is still available, because there was some controversy around the whole issue of non-English speakers trying to use WA because like I said, WA is not set up for speakers of other languages.

Sorry I could not be more helpful. You can also recommend Geraldo check out Doulingo - it is a free online language learning software where Geraldo can work to improve his English language skills.

tclough Premium
Hi Steph. Good to hear from you too!

I will try to pass the link on top Geraldo but I don't thin k he is checking in any more. From what I understand of his comment, he is saying; "unfortunately I only understand Portuguese."

I am sure it is very tough for non-English speakers to use this site.

Thank for the tips. Maybe they will benefit some members even if not Geraldo.

stephhill Premium
I tried to help and I hope I was somewhat helpful. Sorry he is no longer checking in. :(